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Apple TV has been around for more than a decade and every few years Apple adds more enhancements to make the experience better.  Apple has two different models… they are Apple TV 4K and Apple TV.  The  differences are the 4K version gives you the choice of purchasing a 32GB or 64GB version.  The regular Apple TV just comes in the 32GB model.  Another difference is, the 4K version is for 4K compatible TVs and has a video output of 2116p instead of 1080p which the older version has.  Apple has upgraded the new Apple TV4K with a A10x fusion chip and a gigabit network connection.  This helps watching high resolution content online and playing different games from the app store.   Lastly, the two versions are very similar when it comes to functionality, accessing content and how the interface works.

  Now it’s time to switch gears and talk about Apple's new Apple TV4K.  The first enhancement is “high dynamic range” or HDR for short.  This technology helps to deliver blacker blacks and whiter whites to make the picture look more realistic and fly off of the screen.  This works by adjusting the colors to make it look more realistic.  Another nice feature that goes along with HDR is Dolby Atmos.  This is a new format of sound quality that  gives it more of a three dimensional effect.  To utilize this you need to have a Dolby Atmos receiver and speakers.

The Apple TV4K remote is special because first of all it is rechargeable, which eliminates going to the store and buying batteries.  The second feature of the remote is  that it has Siri built in, which is great for searching for  the type of movies or music you’re looking for.  If you don’t know what you want to watch you can ask Siri to show action movies and it will recommend some for you.  Also when Siri searches, she searches all the different types of apps that offer streaming context.

Are you a fan of all of Apple  products like the iPhone, iPad, and their apple computer lineup?  If you own any of these products and you have Apple TV you’re in luck because, they all work together very well.  On apple TV you can access all the photos and videos on iCloud and share them with friends and family.  Apple TV has Airplay and it can display videos from other Apple devices, for example an iPhone or iPad.  Another feature of Airplay is you can mirror the screen of an iPad or iPhone.  This is a great way to put a website or game on the big screen.

Do you have children that like to play video games?  Now, with the Apple TV4K there are many different games that children  like to play, for example, racing, adventure and more.  You can also purchase accessories like controllers and headphones.  This screenshot is of Gear Club TV.

These are some of the best enhancements that have been added to  Apple's new Apple TV4K.  If you’re looking for a device for streaming movies, listening to music and playing games this is the one.  Whenever buying an Apple product you always get the best quality and great  customer service.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.