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Education and qualifications needed to become mobile device repair technician


To become a repair technician one of the basic qualifications needed is the ability or capability to repair a cell phone meaning, you have to be able to remove small screws and delicate phone parts and have the patience to take apart and reconstruct a phone. Working with such small parts takes good hand and eye coordination and one can get easily frustrated.  A cell phone technician must know how to use solders and precision tools, as mobile phone components are fragile and very small.

Although most mobile phone jobs don’t require their employees to be certified, there are a few certifications available that mobile repair technicians can obtain. One is the COMPTIA Mobility+ Certification which covers mobile device management, trouble shooting, security such as remote access concerns, threat mitigation, and network infrastructure. To find out more about COMPTIA Mobility+ Certification click on this website.

One of the companies that require their technicians to be certified is Apple. The Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) certification is one of the Apple’s certificates and it verifies the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of both Apple and Macintosh desktop and portable  systems. Although ACMT certification is intended for technicians employed by an Apple it is not guaranteed that you will get a job at Apple. The starting pay for a Apple repair technician is about 10-12 dollars an hour depending on experience. There are a few different Apple certificates and training available if you are interested follow this website.

If you are looking into becoming your own boss you can become an  iCracked, iTech certified repaired technician who specializes in repairing mobile devices on demand. If you apply to work at iTech you could be trained by their company as their company has their own training. As an iCracked technician you will specialize in screen, digitizer and LCD replacements, power button issues, home button replacement, speakers, microphone and Wi-Fi connections. As an iTech technician you will have access to their dispatch system which will deliver you customers in your area from their website and consumer app. If you become a iCracked technician you will have to pay a commission of each repair order you receive from them. Here is the website to find out more information or to apply for an application.

When searching jobs in my local area on I found that all the mobile repair jobs available require a high school diploma. Batteries Plus, a local battery store is hiring for a Sales Associate and Phone/Tablet Repair Tech the requirements of this position is a High school diploma and 6 months prior work experience or education, understanding of their companies electronic retail and cross reference system, good listening and communication skills, organization and with customer focus, organization and analytical problem solving skills, calculate math, percent’s, ratios and algebraic expressions and read gauges, technical experience is desired, and a valid driving license for driving positions.

Another qualification is to have great customer service skills and the ability to carefully listen to the customer’s description of the phone’s problem. Great customer service skills are always a plus as some mobile phone positions require at least 1 year of sales experience. Some of the other jobs posted required a associates degree or higher but were not required. Some posted that Net+ and A+ are a plus but were not necessary. Any experience and education will help when applying for a mobile device repair technician.

As 100 million cell phones are no longer being used each year you can see the need for phones to be repaired and reused. Cell phone Technicians will be needed so these phones can be fixed and used again. As Cell phone repair is becoming a rising industry I can see that any education or experience in mobile phone repair will be a benefit when applying for this position.