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A technician needs to know how to repair the devices he will work with. And continuously renew his knowledge base with updated technology. To be a true technician you need to know the software and hardware sides of the technology you will be working with on a daily basis. Say you are an IPhone technician it would be a great way to gain an upper hand over other job seekers if you could actually explain the insides of an Apple device for your future employer to show some experience with the tools you will be working with. One this makes you a better technician for the costumers and it gives the employer knowledge about your experience. Though this is one the simplest reasons for why knowing how to repair and work with both sides of technology is a great advantage in today’s careers as many are looking for work these days.

Some typical job responsibilities for a mobile device repair tech would be as followed. To begin we’ll do the easiest option; customer service over a phone or internet media to help customers with problems that way as a mobile tech that answers questions. Support desk like. The knowledge of how these devices work is the most useful thing you can have as a potential employee. Another responsibility would be to repair or replace pieces of devices for repairs. Say the screen was cracked but the phone was still working. It would be the technician’s responsivity to replace the screen and make sure the device was working one again. Another responsivity for some technicians would be to actually give counseling to company’s about certain technology or upgrades. Most likely these would represent another tech company’s interest in securing continued sales of their goods to this company you consult with.

The number one most important thing to have when attempting to secure a technician job as a repair man for mobile devices or any other technological device would be to have the proper education and qualifications for the job. Education goes as far as having a degree to prove to potential employers that you have knowledge in these sources. Possibly having not a single but two majors could help too. Such as an IT Support and Networking associates degree from MATC. This looks good on a resume for the employer to see. Another very important thing would be experience and real world knowledge with such technology and devices. Example be already having work for Apple or Microsoft or even some local computer repair shop. All real world experience with today’s technology. These are some the most important things to have when attempting to get into the repair field and wanting to have a good career as a technician in today’s word.