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While in the process of finding out if wanted to go to school in any field of IT I looked into Coursera.  Coursera is a online certification website that offer classes in various parts of technology. They have classes that range from hours to week long that is taught by known professionals in the field. They also have other students that will attend the class online with you to allow a more interactive learning experience. Some courses also offer certificates that are acknowledged in the technology industry and beneficial to enhancing your career. Most courses are free and open to the public from beginners in the industry to expert professionals. Once you begin your first class, you have the option to sign up for the signature track that allows to take courses and receive a grade to track your process as you take learn more skills .

Another free online training class for IT professionals is the Introduction to Linux website. This class is about a week long and includes the course and course materials for free. Once you finish the entire course you will receive a certificate of completion similar to the one offered at Coursera. The class is taught to engage IT professionals and administrators and gives resources and tools that will benefit them throughout their career.

MIT has a program called edX that gives users free access to actual courses taught at MIT and Harvard University. It engages the user with self paced learning and online discussion groups. Upon completion of the program they also give out certificates to the student but it will not be from either affiliated University. The overall scope of the program is to help researchers at both school understand how students learn what ways are the most effective for students enrolled on campus at both universities.