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Windows 10 update

I window 10 updates, we will be talking about servicing, security, virtualization, windows virtual desktop, deployment, desktop analytics, Microsoft connected cache, and accessibility.

Microsoft wanted to change things up by servicing. They want to push out updates monthly so the download time is quicker. It will be much faster and shorter. So, people can hop back on to their computer quicker. Windows defender credential guard is available now for ARM64 devices, to help protect against theft/ hackers. Microsoft bit locker and MDM (mobile device management) and with Azure will work together to help from password releases.
Key rolling features help secure rotates recovery passwords the feature helps to prevent accidental recovery passwords. In this update containers on windows included 5 fixes to help allow to however is the host to run down level containers up for process insolation. In order to run containers people, need a virtual machine or a physical server. The first step is to install docker its is required to work with windows container. 2nd step is to open up powershell session, install the docker management package from the powershell. 3rd install the latest version of docker by using powershell management package. 4th when the installation is done restart the computer.

Windows sandbox is where you can download/ install software without having the fear of impacting your device or computer. Windows virtual desktop is an app virtual service running inside the cloud. It does support remote desktop and has built in security. it requires Microsoft E3 or also E5 license, or 365 E3 or E5 license, as well aw Anzure tenant. SetupDiag is a command tool to help see why windows 10 finale to download or install. It works by searching through windows setup log files. When searching setupdiag uses rules to match issues. The current version of setupdiag there is 53 rules in the rules.xml. when setupdiag is running, rules.xml will update as the newest version.
Desktop analytics is available globally, its is a cloud connected service, with configuration manager. Which gives data insights to the management of windows endpoint. It gives intelligence that people can use to make more decisions about updates of windows endpoints. It requires Windows e3 or e5, Microsoft 365 e3 or e5 license. Microsoft connected cache is a peer to peer distribution. The purpose of this to reduce burden o low bandwith sites.
Favored CPU Core Optimization, When the CPU is manufactured not all the cores are equal cores may different voltage or power to get a boost in the performance area. They are called favored cores. More debugging tools have newer intel, only relevant to manufacturers. Battery life is improved with certain processors.