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Deployment Steps


Gather Requirements for Network

  • 57 new Apple iPad Pro Devices
  • Maintain Existing Computer Usage
  • 5 Wireless Access Points


Choose a Topology

  • Extended/Expanded Star Topology Chosen
    • Allows for large scalability
    • Connects all devices
    • Point to Point Wired/Wireless Connections

Design the Network

  • New Network Components will be Added onto Existing Components
  • 5 WAPs Wireless Access Points will be added to accommodate the new hardware 5 PoE (Power over Ethernet) injectors to make sure the access points work


Required Apps for the iPads:

  • Office 365
  • Evernote
  • Workflow
  • iAuditor
  • Skitch
  • Handoff
  • Things
  • GoToMeeting
  • AirPlay
  • 1Password
  • Miradoor
  • PrintCentral Pro
  1. Create a Budget
    • Hardware: $40,000.00
    • Software: $30,000.00 for the first year
  2. Purchase Needed Hardware
    • 57 iPad Pro Devices: $599 for one 32 GB 9.7″ $34,143 for all 57
    • 5 Wireless Access Points: $56.99 each $284.95 for all 5
    • 5 Power over Ethernet Injectors $19.99 each $99.95 for all 5






Purchase Needed Software

  • Office 365: e5 business plan for $35/user/month $23,940/year for all 57
  • Evernote: free
  • Workflow: $2.99/device $170.43 for all 57
  • iAuditor: free
  • Skitch: free
  • Handoff: free
  • Things $19.99/device $1139.43 for all 57
  • GoToMeeting: free
  • AirPlay: included in iOS 10 free
  • 1Password: $9.99/device $569.43 for all 57
  • Miradore is free
  • PrintCentral Pro: $7.99/device $455.43 for all 57
  1. Implement Network and Devices
    • add wireless access points and power over ethernet injectors to connect wireless access points
    • place the devices on the new network and install apps on all iPads from Miradore
  2. Test Network
    • make sure all new wireless access points are up
    • make sure existing laptops can still get on the network
  3. Test Devices
    • make sure all iPad Pro devices can get on the network
    • make sure all apps work on all the devices





  • Current version of iPad: iPad Pro with iOS version 10.2.B4
  • Employees would be able to use both their original laptop and their new iPad at the same time
  • Number of employees that need iPads: 57 employees
  • Applications installed on iPads:
    • Office 365: Microsoft Office suite for mobile devices, e5 business plan
    • Evernote: Take notes for everything you do and stay organized
    • Workflow: powerful automation made simple for business
    • iAuditor: safety auditors, inspections, an check lists
    • Skitch: markup pictures/images on your mobile device
    • Handoff: continue on where you left off on your previous session
    • Things: Document your daily tasks
    • GoToMeeting: meet up with someone by sharing screens and documents over the internet
    • AirPlay: share your ideas with a powerpoint/keynote presentation on an external screen
    • Password1: easy password manager per user
    • Miradore: for Mobile Device Management
    • PrintCentral Pro: for printing
  • People needed:
    • Network Administrator to add the iPad pro devices to the active directory network
    • Network Architect to run the cables for and to install the wireless access points
    • Apple Representative to procure the iPads
    • Mobile Device Manager to install all of the apps onto the iPads
  • Preparation Activities:
    • Procure all devices:
      • speak to an Apple representative
      • decide on model of iPad decided on 9.7″ 32GB iPad Pro
      • purchase 57 iPads
      • decide on which wireless access point model to buy (decided on Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unifi
    • Install all five wireless access points on the network:
      • place one wireless access point in each of the 4 corners of the building
      • place the fifth wireless access point in the center of the building
      • Run the cables
      • Attach power over ethernet injectors onto cables
    • Add all of the iPads to Active Directory:
      • speak to network administrator and explain that the iPads need to be on active directory
    • Install all 12 apps onto each device:
      • use Miradore to install apps
      • Also use Mobile Device Management software to remotely manage the devices





Printing Options:

PrintCentral Pro can be installed on all 57 iPad pro devices

  • Use Miradore to install the app
  • Price: less than 500 dollars for all 57 iPad pro devices
    • cheaper than buying a new printer
    • main cost: time to install the existing printers’ drivers onto the iPad pro devices
      • options:
        • Use Active Directory Domain Services to install specific printers
        • Have a lecture and demonstrate how to install printers to the device and have each employee install the printers by themselves
      • No new printer is needed. Existing printers can be used.



Email configuration on iPad : MS Exchange vs Gmail accounts


Microsoft Exchange Gmail
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Yearly Expense Free
Cloud Based Cloud Based
Self-Managed Managed by Google
Admin Access No Admin Access
Office Package Comes with office


Which one will be used? Microsoft Exchange

-Tools to manage iPad Pro Devices as System Administrator

  • com
  • Active Directory Domain Services


How to support users:

  • Using Branch Cache
    • a main feature of a server role (tool to be used on a server) on Microsoft Windows Server
    • administrator account would just have to add other servers to the list of servers
    • then, the administrator could support the users from a central point (like Milwaukee)
    • Miradore, the cloud-based mobile device management software, since it is cloud based, would be able to install/monitor apps from anywhere in the world
  • It would take three 3 people 1 in Milwaukee,  1 in Chicago, and 1 in Indianapolis
    • all servers would be accounted for
    • all servers would then be on the same page for who does what