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This plan should be used to seamlessly and effectively roll out new tablets to the employees of a medium-sized Milwaukee company. Tablet devices can be used to streamline work flow and increase employee mobility. The Android system should allow for flexibility in choosing software. This plan includes a rough order of magnitude that estimates for timeline, monetary cost, and resources. Cooperation with the current IT staff should be considered a high priority.

Timeline & List of Tasks

There should be 12 weeks of initial planning before the roll out. This plan is for deployment only. Consideration should be given to post-roll out support. The devices and software will need technical support once implemented.

Week 1

Hardware & software inventory

Current IT staff should submit detailed list of current tablets & software

Week 2-3

Research options & hardware requirement for new tablets

Include current IT staff in the discussion

Research & shop MDM services

Request office printer compatibility information from IT staff (wireless print servers)

Request wireless network & security report from IT staff

Week 4-5

Submit cost estimate to stakeholders

Research tech support requirements

Shop vendor options

Week 6-7

Obtain prototype tablet device & begin testing

Task IT staff with the prototype tablet & request feedback

Deploy prototype to an employee for regular simulation testing

Week 8

Analyze tablet prototype feedback

Finalize choice of tablet & software with IT staff

Place order for new devices

Week 9-10

Create plan with IT staff for organized software installation & migration on new tablets

Receive & verify new devices – register & add to inventory

Setup & test wireless network

Week 11

Implement mass software installation plan

Week 12

Implement new device migration plan

Roll out new tablet devices

Troubleshoot issues

Recycle or re-purpose old devices using proper security measures with IT staff


The tangible costs for this project are fairly easy to estimate. This should be the cost of the devices, the mobile device management (MDM) service, new software, and the employment of new IT support staff. Intangible costs will include down time during the mitigation and roll out, and any resulting increase in efficiency after the new devices are implemented.

Devices:               $17,000

Software:            $11,400

MDM:                   $2,850

IT Consultant     $15,000 (if necessary)

Est. Total:            $20,690