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What is the configuration of the device? What is the price of the configuration you have selected?

  • Device name: Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Specs:
    • Internal Storage: 256 GB storage
    • Memory: 8GB of RAM
    • Screen: 6.3”
    • Cellular: 4G LTE
    • Color: Aura Glow
    • Carrier: Unlocked
    • Phone Price: $949.99


Are you planning to purchase cases for the devices? What are the associated costs?


Are you planning to purchase the warranty for the devices? What are the associated costs?


What are the costs of provider cell services per device per month?

  • Verizon Business Unlimited Essential plan is $35 a month for up to 99 devices. Our company has 57 devices for now. This plan is sufficient for us.


Are you planning to purchase backup services to backup devices in the cloud?

I do not plan on buying backup services. I would utilize a network drive and VPN and ask the employees to save the data on the network drive. I would not purchase backup services for now. Also, these are smartphones, and the main purpose is for them to check company emails and maybe utilize some company-approved apps. They should not be saving data on these smartphones anyway.


Can employees be using devices only or would then need to continue to use Laptops and iPads at the same time? What are the implications of this?

Employees will continue to use laptops in addition to these smartphones. Laptops are faster and can handle more workload than smartphones. Also, it is easier to do central management on computers than on smartphones.

The smartphones will be used mainly for checking company emails and company-approved apps. Employees should not be using the phones as storage devices as they are not backed up and will be remotely wiped if lost.


What are the applications installed for tablet devices needed for employees (assume MS Office 365, and 10 business applications)? Associated costs?

To purchase a bulk amount of applications for the company, we will need a Google administrator account. The apps will be managed as license counts.

  • Outlook for email
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Dropbox
  • Antivirus
  • Monday – team project management app


How would you the rollout of devices to users? How many people would you need to receive new devices in one day? Describe all preparation activities (could be as long as needed, leading to the one-day upgrade of the computers – to avoid productivity issues in the office)

These smartphones will be managed through Airwatch. Airwatch allows us to make profiles base on job roles and push the profiles to mobile devices in real-time. Also, we can manage app licenses via Airwatch. In case of loss or theft, we can remote wipe the devices to protect company information.

We can roll out the devices in bulk with pre-configured profiles base on the serial numbers. Our IT team can configure these before we give them out to the users. We will probably need about 3 days to finish the configuration process.


Would people need to print from the device? Research printing options from devices – do you need to plan to purchase a new printer

As long as the printer allows mobile printing, the company would not need to purchase a new printer.


Email configuration on tablet devices: MS Exchange vs Gmail accounts (document pros and cons)

MS Exchange Pros:

  • Provides central management for admins.
  • Offers better tech support with IT technicians.
  • It comes with the Microsoft 365 package.
  • 50GB inbox space

MS Exchange Cons:

  • It costs more than G Suite, Microsoft 365 Business Premium costs $20 user/month with an annual contract.

Gmail Pros:

  • It is cheap as $6 user/month with G suite
  • G Suite includes other Google products, such as google sheets, hangout, drive etc.
  • 30 GB inbox space

Gmail Cons:

  • Everyone gets the same tech support with service representatives as general customers. This would not be helpful if the company’s email goes offline and needs to get back online quickly.


Select a tool for remote device management? What are the tools available for remote management of the devices as System Administrator (i.e. Cisco Meraki)? Which ones are you planning to use?

We will use Airwatch as the remote management solution. Airwatch provides remote management for different kinds of mobile devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS etc. Companies can configure profiles and push it to the device with the serial number. IT admins can manage the mobile devices and the application licenses with “Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub”.


Do you need to train users on how to use devices?

Yes. We will need to train users on Microsoft 365 applications on these smartphones.


Do you need to train support center technicians on how to support users, using devices?

Yes. Support center tech support will need basic access to Airwatch in case they need to re-enroll a device or remote wipe a device when it is stolen or lost. The tech support technicians should also be the professional on the Microsoft 365 applications to support the users.


How would you be supporting users: users are in Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, and Indianapolis. How many people would you need to complete the deployment on your project team? What would be the roles of the resources?

With only 57 devices across the three locations, the number of technicians depends on the employee distribution. Each technician should be able to handle 10-20 devices at each location.

Gantt Chart for Deployment Process