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Deploying The latest version of iPhone XS Max to employees of Medium size company in Milwaukee


No matter where your business is located.  At some point you will need to think about rolling out an IT package.  Whether that is PC’s, tablets, phones, or some kind of paging tech.  the bigger your business gets the more peripherals you will need to keep the business moving forward for more growth- to strengthen your business.  As part of my learning I have been tasked to facilitate a new rollout plan for 57 of the newest available iPhone.  Which is the iPhone XS max.  they will need to be adopted into the Company Network.  Employees will need to sign the company policy form on appropriate cell phone use at the time phones are given out.  Most of the employee’s work will be done on site but should be allowed from home or abroad if we want to keep the employee doing beneficial work.  Not all employee will need access to a phone that is managements task to sort between needs.  Cell phone cases will need to be used.  IT has selected an acceptable case to meet the needs.  This should help us from having to warranty phones right away.  Each new phone comes with the required charge cord and wall outlet adapter.  And we will install the protective surface glass coverings.  Beyond this it will be the employee’s responsibility to purchase other items if wished.  The Company will apply Apple Care to these new phones.  The Company will also be conducting training of the new phones in small groups.  This will hopefully this help keep everyone productive.  Keeping downtime to a minimum.  According to what we have planned, we will implement this over three and a half months.  In this time frame we should be able to purchase, deploy, instruct, collect old phones, and cover proper procedures.  We believe this will cost the company 114 to 125-man hours for the training of the staff.  It will cost the IT department approximately 160-man hours from planning to roll out.  And approximately 2 to 6 hours a month  to set out updates and help.

IT will collect old phones and get phone numbers transferred to the new ones.  With new Sim Cards.   When the new phones arrive, IT will make an appointment with each employee to come and sign out each one.  For some employees that work remotely we will ship their phone to them if travel is not feasible.  Shipping total costs are not yet known.  IT will work with them to set up their phone and get started remotely.  IT will also help the other employee to get set up.  Employees will be in structed on proper care.  The employee will be instructed on how to clean their phone.  Remove it from the case when needed to clean out lint or dirt.  The new phone package comes with the standard lightning cable to USB.  It also has the wall outlet adapter.  The case that has been selected is the Otter Box Defender Series. If any employee wants another style that will be on them to purchase.  The company has also purchased tempered glass screen coverings which will be installed for the employees prior to pick up.  When employees pick up their phone’s IT will instruct them on installing apps.  They will also be guided as far as app licensing at that time.  Some apps like go to meeting, or any of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite will   IT will try to work in small peer groups so that if an instruction is forgotten.  Other employees can help to guide them.  If employees are uncomfortable in the group environment.  They need only ask, and time will be made for a more one on one instruction.  If an employee takes it upon themselves to perform a jailbreak of their phone.  This will void any warranty Apple care has.  So this is not to be done.  This will be handled in accordance with the company’s cell phone policy, and may require disciplinary action.  Any modification to the phone other than normal app installs will need to be consulted with IT.  Depending on time, setting up for Network printers may wait a day or two.  That will also be set up with the employee firsthand.  So proper testing can be done with the staff right there.


We have researched other companies to gauge an educated guess as to how much time will be needed for the training on the new phones.  It has been derived that about two hours is needed with each employee.  To get apps licenses applied and give them enough time to become comfortable navigating the phone.  To make sure Network Printers can be reached.  E-mail accounts can be used.  And message updates can be seen.  This two-hour time is not ridged.  Some staff will have prior experience with phones.  So, they may not need the entire timeframe.  Others may need all of it, and some refresh instruction later.  The staff that will need to be helped remotely will be contacted by phone or e-mail to create a time that is beneficial.


In doing the research for this new equipment project we found Apple care is a set regulated cost no matter what provider we go through.  New phones can be purchased individually at apples website or from other carriers like AT&T, Verizon Sprint, etc.  However, if you want a small business package for 57 phones it is necessary to go to a surface store to set the account up like I was prompted by both Apple, AT&T and Verizon.  So, I went into my local branches of AT&T and Verizon.  AT&T was helpful but directed us to a business account manager.  The same with Verizon their packages were comparable but had some differences that needed to be looked into further, so we put the information into an excel spread sheet for management to view easier.  Verizon’s corporate plan starts at 10 lines of service and is $35 a line after that up to 99 lines.  With unlimited Data and 4G service.  But has an additional fee for mobile Hot Spot use.  A contact from the company works for the Federal Courts System out of Milwaukee.  They use Verizon & are satisfied with the service.  In looking into service from AT&T it was found the same 4G service and unlimited Data.  With an additional charge for mobile Hot Spot use.

A middle-based phone was what we decided on for deployment so that memory and capability would not insufficient to soon or before the next project phone deployment.  Which will be in approximately 4 years.  I also was able to get a copy of an actual bill from AT&T issued to a local company for roughly sixty-two lines plus fees and taxes for a sample of what our monthly bill may look like.  To try and gauge the budget that will be needed.

Like most companies, when you have PC’s printers, tablets, phones or other devices.  They need to be decommissioned properly.  To keep costs down we have proposed to donate phones that are still in good working order to under privileged people through a charity like.  Cell Phones for Soldiers or HopeLine. This will give the company a tax incentive write off.  This amount is not yet known.  And the company will be able to promote this for our public image.  These phones will be wiped & have sim cards removed by IT to provide security coverage for the company.  In some instances, employees may be given the option of keeping their old phone.  This will be done at managements discretion.  This will help keep batteries and other harmful product out of landfills.  This should also give employees better morale.


In closing any other concerns or problems that may occur on the deployment can be directed to the IT department.  We will help get you up and running as quickly as possible.


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By: Rudy Neihous