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Isaac Helwig
ITSUP 109 Final Project
Designing a PowerPoint
1. Start with a Blank Presentation

2. Go to the Design tab on the toolbar on the top of the Screen. Here you can select presets for simple design backgrounds and text colors.

3. To get more detailed and custom, select the Variants Tab and you can pick select text color combinations and Fonts as well as background effects and colors.

4. Go to Format Background and under Fill, you can customize the type of background you want, add gradients or even pictures.

5. Under Artistic Effects you can add special background textures and transparencies.

6. Then under Picture you can change the different parameters for how the background appears, including contrast and sharpness.

7. If all of that is too much for you, then you can just select a Design Idea that fits your needs that comes all pre-made.