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What is emotional intelligence? Well, put plainly it is the ability to perceive the emotions of others. It can be understood through the use of body language, tone of voice, and even facial expression. In every day life we use it intricately every time we talk to someone. Though every one has a varying degree of emotional intelligence.

As an IT Support Specialist emotional intelligence is a great quality to have, as interaction with customers is one of its priorities. It will give a support specialist an upper hand when dealing with people to understand how they are feeling. Knowing the difference in someone’s attitude can save you and the customer from undo stress and confrontation. If the support specialist is able to read and understand a customer’s emotions and compliment them, it may also lead to a much more gratifying solution, and potentially gain the loyalty of a customer.

A hypothetical explanation of this is:

A customer calls in and sounds extremely upset, and begins to spit out incoherent babblings of how his home PC will not connect to the internet. He gives you little more than that when he clicks on the Internet Explorer icon nothing comes up. Firstly you should be able the recognize that he is upset, and a subtle attempt at trying to reason with him through empathy could help defuse the situation. Say something like “I hate when that happens!” then attempt to ask a few more critical questions in an attempt to assess the situation. Empathy can go along way! If you can make a customer understand that you’ve gone through a similar situation before, but are willing to help to resolve the problem, they may calm down and cooperate. An IT specialist would not want to further enrage a customer by not being understanding, which could only escalate the problem.

Understanding what emotional intelligence is and flexing it when any situation arises can be extremely beneficial. It can help you get out of a hard place when dealing with upset and disgruntled people when you don’t understand completely why. It allows you to share in the joy of someone else, and reciprocate feelings. Overall being without it would just lead to confusion and misunderstanding. So, next time you talk to someone see if you can understand how they are feeling using emotional intelligence.