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What is emotional intelligence?  Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to evaluate, perceive and control emotions in a professional manner.  Some believe this skill can be improved on over time while others believe that it’s an inborn aspect of us all.  Emotional intelligence is a vital part of any persons ability to function in a customer service orientated field of work.  This is especially important to an individual that is employed in a service desk environment.


As mentioned above there are a few steps involved in this process, the first step being able to perceive emotions.  The perception of emotions starts with being able to understand both verbal and nonverbal cues of another.  These cues allow us to properly evaluate another’s emotions in a professional manner to address the task at hand.


The second way emotional intelligence is used is the ability of reason.  Reasoning with emotions allows us to think and boosts our cognitive abilities for the problem.  In a simpler way of putting it we respond and think about subjects that peak our own interests.


The third step in emotional intelligence is understanding emotions.  This is much like perception but this step also entails the complete understanding of emotions.  This understanding allows us to properly address a possibly hostile and or difficult situation.  A hostile situation could be your boss yelling and screaming at everyone for what seems like no good reason.  But in reality this emotion could stem from a deeper personal or professional situation.  With our skill of understanding these emotions we can properly address the situation as a professional.


The final step involved with emotional intelligence is the management of emotions.  The management of emotions allows us to regulate our emotions.  In regulating our emotions we can appropriately respond to another’s emotional state in a complete and professional way.


All of the following steps of emotional intelligence will be especially important for the aspiring IT Professional.  Their important because customer service and customer satisfaction are some of the key driving forces of the business world today.  The IT Professional needs to be able to understand and adapt to the constantly changing emotions of both internal and external customers alike.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence