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Today I will be talking about two program options for mobile device management and the name of the programs you will possibly see when shopping for Mobile Device Management tools. Also, I will give you prices and some of the perks to having that specific program and hopefully this information helps you with making a decision on the Mobile Device Management Tool.

The first program for Mobile Device Management goes by the name Barramundi Management Suit. They promise that it will integrate with Windows operating systems with ease. Also, they promise that you will have a very powerful deployment with the software where if you were to purchase their product. Another thing to know is that your data will be guaranteed safe because of their security that comes along with the software also it comes with great backup and recovery features with their system. Last thing to know with soft Barramundi Management Suite software they’re easy to connect with their helpdesk in case there is a need for their services. There isn’t a price to be given you must contact the company.

The next program you may hear if you are in the market looking for Mobile Device Management. It goes by the name MobiLock Pro. They are offering a free trial with the service some things to look for its that it is also a great program that allows you to communicate very easily with your Android and iOS and Windows devices and real time. Some additional information about the program is that it has a Password protection kiosk mode that helps protect your password from restricted websites that try to obtain your passwords and with this program, this information will be protected. Another feature is the single app to the multi-app mode, it comes with, this means that if you want to run a single app all the time now this is possible. And with the multiple app features, you will be able to display those apps on a custom home screen that you have made up with your apps that you have made up. The last feature to know with this program is you can Lock your browser down, this means that the address bar of your browser will be in full-screen kiosk browser mode so that you don’t miss anything when browsing the net. With this as I said earlier, it is free to use for only 14days, but it will be fully functional as if you have purchased the program though. With the price, they are offering a 10 percent discount until the new year rings in for currently 27 dollars for Starter in of course, if you want higher protection they have the business, Pro and Enterprise as options.

So, in conclusion, I hope with these two software programs that I have given you helps some bit with this information about these types of Mobile Device Management programs and what to look for when you decide to purchase one. Also, keep in mind that there are several more to explore if these two haven’t met your demands.