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Professional certifications have obvious benefits in real world applications. This is a guide to becoming certified in CompTIA Net+ in Milwaukee, WI. There is more than one way accomplish this. Here, I will outline the long route. One can essentially do the minimum and possibly ace the exam by accident with few resources used or time dedicated. That plan is not logical. Follow this plan for best results.


You are the most important person in this project. Some may claim their peers or parents are stakeholders. Countless movies and television shows exist only to explain the drawbacks of this. Consider Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Don’t be like Cameron. Do things for yourself.


“Either you’re slingin’ crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot” -Notorious BIG. This Net+ certification should help you in your career as an IT professional. This can be the wicked jump shot on your resume.


Expect to fork out about $900 using this plan. The bulk of this expense is the class at MATC. There may be financial aid to be utilized. One could also get creative and put together a crowd fund.


  1.  Find your motivation and commit to the plan. A wise man once said, “There is no try. Only do or do not”.
  2.  Register for CompTIA Net+ class at MATC. This will aid in gaining the required knowledge and confidence to  pass the CompTIA Net+ exam. See link below.
  3.  Obtain the required resources. The comprehensive online resource Testout for the Net+ class is an important  resource here. It is required for the class and has practice exams that will greatly help in passing the CompTIA  test. Money is definitely an important resource as well. This funding should pay for itself in the future when  employers see the CompTIA Net+ certification on your resume and the confident smirk on your face. See  additional study tools below.
  4.  Schedule the CompTIA Net+ exam. MATC staff and services can help here as well. Schedule the exam for just  after your Net+ class at MATC is finished. You want all that networking knowledge fresh in your brain for the  big test. Scout the location of the test so that you know exactly where to go and where to park on the big test  day. See link below.
  5.  Complete the CompTIA Net+ class at MATC. Utilize all the resources available to you if necessary. Consider study groups, academic support centers, and the expert instructors.
  6.  Study and take the CompTIA Net+ exam that you scheduled. This is one task. Do not study without taking the  exam and vice versa. Again, the Testout practice exams and other online practice exams are great helpers. See  links below.
  7.  Reschedule the CompTIA Net+ exam if you failed. IT Rome was not built in one IT day.
  8.  Celebrate your new certification. Do this responsibly and with friends and/or family. See links below.
  9.  Update your resume and LinkedIn. You may also notify your employer. There could be added benefits for the  certification at your current job.


Consider 5-6 months to complete the class. Additional time could be required for acquiring the funds or retaking the CompTIA exam if necessary.

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