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What is Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) certification?

ACiT is a certification that shows individuals have the required skills for repairing iOS devices. It includes two open book exams via Pearson VUE – Apple Service Fundamental Exam (SVC-19A) and ACiT 2019 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-19A). ACiT is essential if you want to work in the genius bar in the Apple Store.

It is also a highlight on your resume if you are seeking a general IT job. It shows employers that you have the skills to repair iOS devices, which gives you an advantage among the competing candidates. With the popularity of remote work and BYOD, the ACiT is a great addition to your profile.


How to get prepared for ACiT?

There are many ACiT training courses out there. Apple has an official ACiT course, AppleCare Technician Training, with a price tag of $299. It is the same course offered to the current Apple employee for studying the latest iOS. However, candidates are not required to take the AppleCare Technician Training before taking the ACiT exam.

Apple also offers a study guide, ATLAS, to Apple service authorized technicians. According to Apple, “ATLAS is AppleCare Service Training’s website for online training and other learning resources. Candidates can use ATLAS to prepare for the certifications required to service Apple products”. (Apple Support Page, 2020)

You can also get an instructor lead training course for ACiT from LearnQuest. LearnQuest is an Apple authorized global training provider that offers a $2,800 four-day course to prepare candidates for the certification exams. The training course also provides real scenarios with hands-on labs.

Consulting with friends and connections who are already certified is also very helpful for preparing for the exam. You can ask them what kind of resources they suggest utilizing and what are some tips they wish they knew before they took the exam.


Studying for the exam

Make sure to set time aside every day to study for the certification exam. The memory curve declines very quickly when we do not review the new materials. Repetition and reviews are keys to learning any new material. Take a look at the exam areas and plan out how much material to go over every day within a period. Also, decide on study intervals and do practice exams periodically. Take notes on what are some of the most common mistakes you made in the periodic exams, which will become a study guide for later.

Do some trials and experiments to see what the prime study time/area for you at the beginning is. Some people may like absolute quietness and others may like some white noise in the background when they are studying.


Taking the exam

Both of the Apple Service Fundamental Exam (SVC-19A) and ACiT 2019 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-19A) are administered through Pearson VUE. Each of the exam cost $20. You can pay to retake the exam after 24 hours if you did not pass. Before you sign up for the exam, you need to create a “Tech ID” with Apple.

Go to this website for more information about Apple Tech ID – Next, sign up for the exam on this website – Pearson VUE also has a web page explaining about the ACiT exam –

The Pearson VUE website has a web page containing details for taking the exams during COVID-19. Take a look before you decide to sign up –


Project timeline

Below is a sample Gantt chart project timeline organizing the exam preparation process. One thing to keep in mind is everyone study at a different pace, this sample Gantt chart may not be the best speed for you. However, the tasks for preparing for the exam are pretty similar for everyone.


Tasks groups and sub-tasks:

  1. Research about Apple Certification
    • Google about the certification fee, study material, and forums about the exam
    • Consult with your school/company about exam discount voucher availability
    • Talk to connections/friends who have successfully obtained the certification to tips
    • What special instruction is there for taking the exam in the pandemic
  2. Gather study materials
    • Purchase textbook for the exam
    • AppleCare Technician Training
    • LearnQuest 4-day training
    • Google sample exam questions
  3. Study for Apple Certification
    • Set time aside each day to study for the exam
    • Do periodic reviews and take chapter exams
    • Take notes on questions that were scored low on
    • Take overall practice exams
  4. Take the certification exam
    • Take the exam following the pandemic instruction
    • Retake exams if not passed
  5. Update the resume and LinkedIn
    • Google others’ resume with Apple certification
    • Look at others’ LinkedIn profile with Apple certification
    • Update resume and LinkedIn and allow the update to send notification to connections
    • Send out social media updates about the new certification