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Gmail Productivity Plugins
How do you use Gmail better? While I never thought this was a problem in my life, I can honestly say that I could be doing my daily Gmail things better. I am going to examine several Gmail Plugins that should help your productivity, if you choose to use them. Some of these products overlap in the things that they can do, but there is hopefully one out there for you.

Task Management Plugins
Task Management is an important process in the business world. The ability to link Task Management to your Gmail account can do wonders for your productivity, freeing up time to spend on more important things in your life.
This product is mostly used for scheduled email sending and reminders. It allows you to schedule emails to automatically send in the future, so you can write an email now, and it will send it whenever you want. Boomerang can also postpone incoming emails, by making them disappear from your Inbox into a folder, then bringing it back to the top of your message list at a certain time. It is also the only reminder service that can alert you if you do not get a reply to a message.

SortD can organize your Gmail inbox into a series of To-do lists. You can name the lists according to your needs. You can drag and drop emails and put them into an appropriate list. A cool function is that you can rename the email, so it will make sense when you move it.

This is one that I started using. ToDoist is a task management tool that you operate from within your Gmail inbox. It is clean looking, easy to use, and helps out with your tasks.

Contact Management Plugins
As a long-time Scout Leader, Contact Management is very important for running a Scout group. I would look at these Plugins to help me out. These would also be useful for Salespeople.
FullContact helps you gain control of your contacts’ information from within your Gmail inbox. It allows you to Identify and remove duplicate contacts and edit contact information from within your inbox. You can also scan business card information into your contact list.

Streak can be used to transform your Gmail into a contact relationship management tool. This tool offers a way to track and manage your contacts. You can add boxes for your contacts, so you can keep track of messages, and find out the status of each message you send.

E-Mail Tracking Plugins
If you are involved in Sales, or use a lot of E-mails throughout the day, it would be helpful to know exactly when somebody reads your message.
Yesware allows you to track e-mails that you have sent. Find out exactly when they open an e-mail or click on a link within an e-mail. You can check an e-mail’s status without having to leave your Gmail inbox. Yesware can also mail merge, set reminders, and allow you to make calls from your Gmail inbox.