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Lets get started!
To start this tutorial make sure you have the right software and compatible hardware to complete the task. What you need is a 64 Bit processor, 4GB of memory,1.3 GHz or faster and 1GB of free hard drive space. Also you will need the Windows 10 ISO file.

Step one:  Start up VMware and click on new virtual machine.  When this screen comes up click on typical and hit next.  The custom option lets you change different settings for compatibility options.

Step Two:  This is where you click browse and find your ISO file or Windows 10 disk location.  After finding the file select it and click open and then click next.

Step Three:  This box lets your enter in the Windows product key before you install it (This is optional).  The next box lets you select the Windows version and choose a username and password. When selecting a password, it’s good to have at least eight characters, upper and lowercase letters and a number.  When you’re ready, click next.

Step Four:  This box lets you assign a name to the virtual machine and where it’s going to be stored on your computer.  VMware has a default folder named virtual machines in which it stores the files. When you’re ready, click next to move on.

Step Five:  This is where you select the size of hard disk space you want on the VM.  It recommended 60GB however, just make sure there is enough free space for the operating system.  

The next section has different options explaining how to group the hard drive space.  Selecting “store as single” may give you better performance with accessing data. Selecting “split into multiple files” makes it easier to make copies of the virtual machine.


Step Six:  This is a summary of the VM and what’s going to be installed.  By clicking customize hardware you can increase the ram to 4GB or more, to make it run faster.  Make sure you have enough memory to share. Then click next.

Step Seven:  Now you will go thru different screens as the VM installs Windows and configures itself.  This process takes up to forty minutes.

This is where it will install the,Windows Files and updates.

Windows 10 will display a few colorful screens with different messages before it’s done installing.  You will know it’s almost done when it says “Just a few more tweaks”.

You have now installed Windows 10 successfully.  Just a few tips to help you along with Windows 10.

  1.   Typing anything into the search box at the lower left hand corner can help you find everything  you’re looking for.
  2.  If you right click on the Windows button at the bottom left hand corner it will bring up some helpful tools to administer Windows.
  3.  At the bottom right hand side click on the action center icon.

Looking for more guidance on installing Windows 10?  Please watch my video for step by step instructions.