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When talking to to employers as part of our Advisory Board meeting I have asked them about the most hard to find technical skills in Milwaukee area. Most of them responded that it is the ability to configure and support mobile devices on the Enterprise. Companies struggle to support different devices that employees bring to work. It is getting extremely challenging for their IT Staff to support all iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows tablets and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) personal devices. And finding technical staff with these skills have been a challenge.

I am excited to share with you that one of the new courses we have introduced as part of IT Computer Support Program is ITSUP-153 Mobility+ Device Administration (IOS, Android and Windows).  The course focuses on mobile device configuration and support, BYOD, MDM, 2 Factor Authentication and data protection.  These are all buzz words and also cool exciting technologies, acronyms and phrases you will learn as part of this new class.

The course is a primer for those looking to better understand mobile device management approaches in an increasingly consumer technology driven world forcing its way into the enterprise. It focuses on hands on skills and allows students to utilize new iPads, Androids and Surface Pro devices we have purchased with support from INTERFACE grant.

As a student in the IT Support program, taking this course, you will have the opportunity  opportunity to learn:
– Initialization and configuration of mobile devices
– What Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is all about, how it impacts the security of a company’s data, and how to structure a policy that protects and empowers employees
– Prepare for one of the newest IT Certifications out there by CompTIA: The Mobility+ certification
– Take hands-on-learning with different cloud based management tools for mobile devices
– Identify and use remote administration support tools for assisting customers with mobile devices
– Hear from industry leaders in the local Milwaukee economy that are on the forefront of mobile device security and data encryption
– And more. For the complete list of topics covered as part of Certification please check out the link below:

ITSUP-153 Mobility+ Device Administration (IOS, Android and Windows) course is scheduled at Mequon, West Allis and Oak Creek campuses. Fall 2015 courses start on August 24 – make sure to reserve your seat in this class, if you are interested. If you are not sure how to register for the program, please follow the link below to review the instructions: