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At one time or another we manage to damage or brake our mobile devices. The mini USB port and the audio jack are among the parts that are damaged most on  a mobile device.

The mini USB port and the audio jack are surface mount repairs that without the appropriate tools can be challenging and impossible to repair and to replace.

Some parts on a mobile device such as the mini USB port and audio jacks may require replacement by using a technique called soldering.
If a device is out of warranty; when a pin on a USB port is bent and/or broken often the owner or repair person tries to straighten it. If the pin brakes off some people might wait until more pins brake off and the device can no longer charge.
Some will try fixing it themselves,which can result in frustration/defeat or success and confidence. A new USB port may not solve the problem either.
The tip on the 20141023_155527(3)soldering iron has to be the right size and heated to the right the temperature in order to unsolder the old USB port and make sure your soldering iron is free of old solder. If the tip is dirty this means that you will have to hold the iorn on longer and risk heat damage to the motherboard and to the mini USB port. A simple way to keep the tip of the soldering iron clean is to  softly wipe the tip on the  a wet sponge which should be apart of your supplies on your workstation. You will notice that the tip is free of debris. This is need in order to conduct proper heating temperature. By conducting the right amount of heat this will allow for quick and easy removal of the part and remounting as well. Be carefull and not apply too much flux this cause it to spill over on to other components. If this happen you will need to use the solder sucker which a small hand-held syringe – like pump. This tool is used to like a small vacuum cleaner that creates pressure to suck the solder off of component. It maybe difficult getting the pins to gloom onto the soldering that already exists on the board.
Lightly apply pressure using tweezers to the USB port onto the board using the right amount of heat from the soldering iron and being very patience this can allow the USB port to be soldered onto the baord.

Here are a few tips when using soldering to perform a repair on a mobile device.
* Solder only on heat resistant surface.
* Set the soldering iron down only on the iron stand.
*Never leave a hot soldering iron unattended.
*Keep a fire extinguisher nearby
*Don’t touch the tip of the iron with your bare hands.
*Don’t touch the object that you are soldering with your bare hands( it’s more than hot enough to burn you)
Be careful not to apply too much heat to the entire board this may damage other componets.

Soldering isn’t particularly difficult to do.Being focused, patience and keeping a steady hand will allow for  save and successful repair.

So good a soldering iron will prove to be a wonderful investment as part of your mobile device repair tools. Happy Soldering