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Have you ever heard of a social media site called Linked In? If you didn’t know Linked in is a professional social media site where people can network together to share ideas and keep up on what is happening in their field. In this post we are going to cover:

  • How to create a linked in profile
  • What you can do with a linked in
  • Why having a linked in is important?
  • The difference between linked in profile and resume

We will first cover how to create a linked in, the first step is to head to the linked in website. After you have arrived at linked in, fill out the sign-up form with your first name, last name, email, and then create a password for your new profile account.

after you sign up LinkedIn will send you an email to confirm your email address. If you do not confirm you email address, you will not be able to fully use LinkedIn.

When you log into your profile for the first time you will be prompted to add people that you know. Sending a connection request is quite simple, just click connect and it will be sent to the other person to review and accept.

Next, we are going to cover what you can do with a LinkedIn account. With a LinkedIn account you can Look for Jobs in a general search and you can even search for jobs in LinkedIn Groups as an addition source of jobs on LinkedIn. With the LinkedIn job search you can allow the site to do the searching for you by setting up job alerts.

The next thing you can do with linked in is network with others. When you connect with someone you can message them and ask them if they know of any jobs available and they may even be able to refer you to the hiring manager to get your resume on top of the pile. This will increase your chances of getting an interview and then it is up to you to ace that interview to get the job.

The things you can do with your linked in profile are:

  • List your education
  • List Any awards
  • Recommendations, skills and Endorsements
  • List experience

Linked in is very similar to your resume in that it has all the same sections except for recommendations and endorsements. Recommendations are when people recommend you for what you do. On the flip side endorsements are when people see that you can do a skill and then they put an endorsement on your profile. Then when a potential employer comes and views your profile either from you applying or it could be a recruiter browsing Linked in for candidates.

Having a linked in is not just important for networking but as a powerful tool that everyone should be using. The reasons why linked in is important is that first it Is great for keeping in touch with businesses. You can follow them and then anything that they post will pop up on your feed on your main page. Linked in is also great for networking. You can network to find a job or people that you used to work with to stay in touch professionally and in case you need to use them as a reference. Job searching is also an important reason to have linked in. There are always jobs popping up on the job search, so you can be proactive at finding your new job.

When you fill out your headline make sure that you list your professional qualities. This will attract the readers eyes and they will know a little bit before looking more into your profile. A sample headline would be (student at MATC looking to pursue a career in IT Computer Support. skills include being a good communicator and fast learner who enjoys helping users get the most out of their electronic devices). This statement shows what you field you are looking for and what qualities you can bring to the table for the potential employer.

I hope through this post you have learned how to sign up, set up, what to do with linked in. now you should be able to use linked in with confidence.