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Why is LinkedIn Important for IT Computer Support Career?

The proliferation of social media website has evolved into an extremely effective internet job search tool that recruiters and hiring managers used to scour sites for potential candidates. Websites such as LinkedIn, applicants use to post resume and e-mails directly to company’s websites they may be interested in working for. The powerful aid of the internet employs a very important role in today’s technical society. LinkedIn is a great and professional way for networking and connecting with your colleagues, college or university professors. This website is used by students, teachers, prospective job seekers, employers, job recruiters, etc. This blog will walk you through the necessary steps of creating an IT Computer Support LinkedIn profile page. It will also list some of the key features that should be included in your LinkedIn profile; which will also make your profile page, standout, look professional and eye-catching to the viewers.

IT Computer Support Specialist Technician

  • A professional profile should include a recent photo that is of high-quality caliber. It is very important to present yourself in a professional manner which involves looking well groomed; for example, a nice light-colored shirt, a suit jacket and matching tie and for ladies a blazer with a nice top underneath it will present a clean, sharp and professional image. Remember to smile to enhance your professional look.
  • An appropriate headline pertaining to your IT Computer Support Specialist career is important as it catches the viewers’ attention. You want the perspective employer to know what your career field is without reading through paragraphs of information and still do not have a clue as to what your career objectives are. This information can help viewers to find you more easily.
  • Profile summary is a great tool that can help you also get notice by recruiters and managers. You should include brief buzz words and incorporate key words or statements like, “What you can do for the company”.
  • Work experience– you want to keep it short and sweet!
  • Including recommendations on your profile page is a great way to sell yourself.
  • Contact details involves how you can be reached and is a good feature to list on your profile page.

When creating your LinkedIn profile page, it is not necessary to layout all your achievements, or work duties because they should be place onto your resume. Your LinkedIn profile should display your job titles, the companies that you work at with the dates and a bullet point that summarizes the responsibilities that you held. Your main aim is to peak the interest of the recruiter or the hiring manager. It is a process to create a LinkedIn profile page. In the search field of internet explorer enter and click Enter to open up LinkedIn Log-in or sign-up page where you can register a user name (your e-mail address) as well, a password to access your account.

No fee required for LinkedIn basic account but for the upgrade premium prices are listed. After your account has been created you can start customizing your profile page to give a professional look. Your LinkedIn profile will provide you great opportunity to connect with influential people, also consolidate major components of internet-based job search into a single website giving you an easier effective experience.

Benefits of LinkedIn Profile Page;

  • Post your resume or blog
  • Write an article
  • Direct employers to your dedicated website
  • Search for job postings in your career field
  • Research and gather information about companies where you are interested in and follow them as well
  • Showcase recommendations from experts your career field
  • Keep accomplishments and profile updated
  • Display achievements, skills and accomplishments etc.
  • Connect with professional groups network and making important contacts


Discussion of how to create a LinkedIn profile for IT computer support specialist. The importance of professionalism and career oriented in presentation and posting. The benefits of this great internet tool and how you can use it to connect with influential people, research information on IT computer jobs. Write articles, post your resume. How LinkedIn keeps you updated with educational information of universities and colleges where you can obtain the knowledge for a career in IT computer support.