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 How To Create a Resume For You


A resume is the start of any career you wish to fulfill if you have worked in that field or have not it is the start. In the definition of google a” résumé is a document used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills. Résumés can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment”. Resumes they highlight the skills that you have and may wish to learn from new employment. Every job has different duties so each field of work should have a different resume same structure. A Resume goes well with a cover letter like Coffee in the morning nobody knows why they just do. Resumes and cover letter are a package deal together stating what you have to offer. It shows the employer you may very well be the candidate for them before a in person meeting/interview.

Creating a resume can seem very stressful if you do not know what kind of employment you are looking for. Your first step is to figure out the audience you are reaching out to. Reaching the audience is the best way to make yourself more marketable. It could even make you marketable for a job you did not know you event wanted till presented. Creating a Audience comes with they key words that fit that job field. For example for skills in a IT resume I could say “ I’m good a typing” or” adept at typing detailed”. Your highlighting what your good at using vocabulary you may not use on the daily to get the employers attention.

Once you get the audience your looking for time to do research on that job. Doing research can make it a little bit more simpler on what to say in the cover letter and resume. When you research a job or job field you want you are looking for what they want from a employment. Than would make a list of what your good at and pull out the things that match wither there expectations. If applying for a call center and you worked in retail you now have “Customer Service skills”. If applying for a restaurant  job and you worked in fast food you have “food industry experience”. Even if you have not worked in fast food or a food environment you cook for yourself you are food knowledgeable of the dos and don’t in the kitchen. You have to highlight what you do have and make good use of it.

The basic structure of a resume  is work experience, volunteer work, education , awards and accomplishments, and personal interests. They may seem like allot but 9 time out of 10 you have them all. Creating resume is really about digging upon your past. Thinking hard on what you have done. Work experiences would be the previous jobs you have obtained. Highlighting the job and duties you did at that job. Wring in there the best way you can make your self look as the best employer you were at that time. And from that experience you have had you are now trying to be a better one than that by sending your resume to the employer reading it. To give the employer some outlook on the kind of employee you were.

Volunteer work and personal interests are facts they want to know about you get to know you better before bringing you in for a in-person. They my or mkay not pertain to the job itself but shows who you are by the things you have done. Having some volunteer work never hurts anybody it always helps the situation. Volunteer work does not have a close ranged on what can and cannot be done. Cleaning up a park, giving free tutoring lessons and even helping someone get basic knowledge on resumes. Personal interests you would have to be careful on what you choose not saying lie but don’t be completely honest. What ever job you may be applying for there has to be a reason why you wanted to perused that. If your applying for a home care job you would put personal interest “wellness of people” stating you care about people enough to help them get better when one cant do them there selves. Simple words can go very far with a resume you only get a short amount of space.

The part that catches my attention is the school proton on the resume. I myself are still in school gaining a Associates degree. Even though you have not earned that degree yet you can still highlight the skills you are gaining  while enrolled. Most jobs will have to train you just so you can understand there way of doing things. So having a small bit of skill is a better shot of getting that job. If they are looking for someone proficient in excel and you have had one or more assignment pertaining excel you can highlight “ basic knowledge of Excel”. While still enrolled in school highlighting when you will be down is another thing. Just putting the school and year and your major is the bare minimum. Adding a few extra words will make a differences on just going to school and actually going to school for the better and enjoying it.

A Resume is a open canvas and your past experience your current experiences is the pain on that canvas. The main points to have on a resume is Education, Personal interest, volunteer work and always work experience. The cover letter is a few sentences that highlight why you would be a good fit for the job. A Cover letter is a introduction speech to put your foot into the door. The cover letter should highlight the job and duties you have and what the company wants. Put your own Touch on a professional item that has a input in your career.