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What is Linkedin?

            LinkedIn is a social media platform designed and geared specifically for professionals. It enables you to create a personal professional portfolio and network with other people who are in the industry. LinkedIn gives you the features to search, look and post job positions. As job seeker, LinkedIn is a great tool to use and utilize. LinkedIn is also a great site for employers and recruiters to look for potential job candidates.

10 Steps for creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

  1. Understand your audience – The first thing you need to do is to understand your audience that you are trying to attract on LinkedIn. Whether it would be hiring personnel, potential customers or just business contacts. It is important to know who you are targeting so you can adapt your LinkedIn profile to that specific audience.
  2. Add a Header – Your header would be the front main page of your LinkedIn profile. Be professional about your brand, personality and make a great impression.
  3. Put a face to the name – A professional photo is worth a thousand words as they say. Make sure you a create a clear and professional headshot image.
  4. Write a professional headline – This is a summary who you are and what you can do. It is a short and brief introduction about yourself. A headline doesn’t need to be long, but you need to include important keywords.
  5. Be contactable – Put as much contact information as needed liked your blog, portfolio, personal website, etc.
  6. Summarize your story – Make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Be creative and tell people more about yourself. You can add documents, photos, links, videos ad presentations.
  7. Showcase your experiences – Share your experiences and expertise. Concise and be clear always. Check for grammatical and spelling errors.
  8. Let your network speak for you – Make your connections work for you by getting endorsements and recommendations. Doing this is a mutual thing on LinkedIn.
  9. Make yourself easy to find – Customize your public profile URL so people can find you easily.
  10. Start Networking and building relationships – Start networking and making connections on LinkedIn. Join groups and post status updates. Increase your visibility and start discussions.

Strategies to create a best professional representation on LinkedIn

  • Select the right profile picture
  • Add a background photo
  • Make your headline more than a job title
  • Turn your summary into a story
  • Utilize proper buzzwords
  • Grow your network
  • List all relevant skills
  • Spread endorsements
  • Request recommendations
  • Share viable feeds

Best professional qualities that are most attractive to employer in the headline on LinkedIn

  • Be yourself and express who you really are
  • Value proposition
  • Prospect language
  • Avoid Hyperbole

Professional achievements, accomplishments and best way to include them into the LinkedIn profile

  • Emphasize achievements and accomplishments with results and numbers
  • Strategies and techniques that you have initiated

How to fill out as much of the LinkedIn Profile as possible?

Be effective, concise, showcase skills and direct to point. Relay on the given tips on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

What are the difference between LinkedIn profile and resume?

The LinkedIn profile is the summarize version of your resume. Your resume is overall background of yourself. Resumes are limited in length but LinkedIn profiles can be a personal brand with more than 2,000 characters. Generally you should not include a picture on a resume.

Why LinkedIn is helpful when searching for a job?

LinkedIn is helpful since it is a one biggest social media professional site for job searching and job hunting. There a lot of people who are connected on LinkedIn. There are a lot of useful and helpful features that you can use on LinkedIn to streamline your job search.

Listing your education, training, courses and materials you have learned

You can list anything on LinkedIn as long as you are listing out relevant information. Be concise and clear with your information.


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