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Depression, Anxiety, Self-Loathing.  Did I get your attention?  These emotions are something everyone encounters on an almost daily basis.  Some deal with it consistently, every day, all day.  I need to preface this by saying dealing with these thoughts is remarkably easier said than done, I know from personal experience.  Let’s start with a little anecdote.  Throughout high school, I found myself in a pretty dark place.  Now, when I say dark place, I don’t mean take I was contemplating drastic measures to fix them.  I mean lackadaisical work ethic, no motivation or ambition, the feeling of impending failure do to my poor outlook on myself and everyone around me.  I was a cynical teenager, and in all honesty I’m still a pretty cynical 21 year old now.  Battling the negative thoughts that plagued my conscious was definitely an uphill battle, but I’m going to provide some insight as to how I exactly did it.

Keep An Objective Mindset

When attempting to deal with negative thoughts, it’s really easy to fall down the never-ending rabbit hole of negativity.  Looking at things in an objective manner keeps a realistic perspective on the issues at hand.  This thought process can be very detrimental as well though, and if you find yourself feeling even more troubled from these thoughts you should seek additional help.  Even if you resort to getting help from a third-party, they’re going to influence you to keep an objective mindset.  This will help prevent things being blown out of proportion, and to stay reasonable.

Develop a Healthy Hobby

I run, a lot.  Finding an organic way to alleviate stress is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself in a time of turmoil.  Myself and several others I know personally also meditate.  I was incredibly apprehensive about it when they first told me about it, but if you’re in the right state of mind it can hold some pretty extraordinary results.  Stray away from any sort of dependence on substance.  Going to the bar could be considered a hobby, but not a healthy one.

Avoid Toxic People

This one I overlooked for majority of my high school career.  In hindsight, I was an idiot for sticking around the group I did for as long as I did.  Their influence on me was everything but a good one, and their hobbies prevented mental growth.  In no means am I disparaging them, but I was a product of my environment.  Surrounding yourself with others who wish to be successful will yield pretty amazing results.  Hanging around the group of drunks will do the exact opposite.

The Underlying Message

There will be a time that everything will become clear.  What actually is bothering you?  These epiphanies are notable and unforgettable.  Many of the issues people encounter are deep rooted. They manifest themselves in different ways for years to protect your brain from the truth.  This is an incredibly unhealthy way to live, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the deeper meaning of it all.  If you ever feel like you aren’t happy, but you don’t know why, seek professional help.  They will facilitate finding what is actually bothering you, and actively help with conquering these issues.



Finding solutions to ones problems is specific to every individual.  The few steps listed above are a basis for understanding the process.  It is an uphill battle, and there will be relapses along the way.  All that matters is you continue to strive forward and keep on the path of self-acceptance.  Once you achieve that, the possibilities are truly endless.  Keep your head up, and don’t be afraid to lower your shoulder into the problems that oppress your daily life.