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Accidental water spillage on mobile devices can be one of the most demoralizing experiences. Hopefully, if this happens to you there are series of steps you can take to save your device.

The following steps are intended to save mobile devices from water damage but not coffee, milk or juice. Sugary liquids often leave behind solid residue, which complicates the situation.

If this is the case, you should still follow these steps to dry the mobile device as a part of its repair. The process is the same whether the mobile device is a laptop, tablet….

Step 1: Turn off your device immediately by holding the power button.

Note: If you don’t turn off the device immediately more components will be affected and the damages will be more complicated to resolve since deeper part of the device will be affected. 

Step 2: If the device is connected to an AC adapter, make sure the surrounding area is dry. Subsequently, disconnect the power cord from the outlet.

Step 3: Pull out the battery

Step 4: Tilt the device at an angle to discourage liquid from reaching deeper parts. (For most spills this may mean to flip the device upside down, but use your own judgment).

Step 5: Dry the device with paper towels in all reachable wet areas.

Step 6: Two methods can be used to dry mobile devices internal parts.

  • Method 1: The method  1 consist of immersing the device in dry, uncooked rice in a sealed container or plastic bag.
  • Method 2:  Place the device in a dry location. The moisture should leave the device naturally

Note: For better result you can obviously use  both methods.  

Step 7: Never attempt to turn the device back on shortly after the incident. Wait at least 48 hours. This time duration may seem excessive, but waiting for the allotted time can ensure that all of the water inside the device has left.

Step 8: After waiting 48 hours, its time now to test.

  •  Carefully reconnect the power cord to the device without the battery.
  • Test to see if your mobile device turns on and is operational.

Step 9: If your computer is operational, immediately back up all important files.

Note: In some occasions, the computer will only function for a few hours before permanent failure.