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Microsoft office is a pretty standard staple suite within your typical business, however you may not always have access to a desktop or notebook to utilize them. Lucky for you, you can go onto the Google Play store and access a good amount of the Microsoft office suite for free, right from your Android phone.

1. Open the google play store from your Android phone and search for Office 365 for mobile, and you will see a similar outcome to the image shown below

2. In this tutorial we will look at using the Microsoft Word mobile app.

3. Upon opening the Microsoft Word application, you will be welcomed with the following screen. If you are using the app for mobile access for work, you would enter your login info for your work’s Office 365 login. If you are using it for personal use, you could enter your own email or just click on sign in later.

4. Once you have logged in or skipped logging in, you will see a screen similar to this, In my case I skipped logging in. The screen allows you to see your recent and shared documents as well as open and create new ones. For this example I will be clicking on the new document icon in the upper right corner

5. Once you click on new document, you will see the familiar page that you see anytime you open Microsoft word on a desktop or notebook. This screen allows you to choose a template if you choose to do so, as well as allowing you to start from scratch with a blank document. I choose the “Make a List template and this is what it started me off with.

6. Many features in standard Microsoft Word applications are present in the mobile version as well. You can see on the bottom of the screen that you have the text formatting bar, along with bullet points, indents, line spacing, etc.. Also within this image you can see the three vertical dot menu. This allows you to save, print, or share your files right from your phone.