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There are a lot of postings for Information Technology Jobs in Milwaukee area. When I looked recently (July 2014) there were 3956 Information Technology job openings on But do all of them represent a fit for potential candidates?

When you begin your search for an Information Technology job, you will need to know how to evaluate the posting to see if you are a good fit as a candidate for the position. Your best chance to get your first job in Information Technology is to find entry level job openings. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when evaluating job postings.

Pay attention to the terms used in the job title

The first thing you will want to focus on is the language that is used in the job title. If you are looking for your first Information Technology job, you may not want to apply for jobs whose titles include the terms ‘senior’, ‘lead’, or ‘manager’. Instead, you should look for job titles that do not contain these words. Most entry-level information technology jobs will have these classifiers. They will instead have a basic title, such as ‘IT Help Desk’, ‘IT Support Specialist’, or ‘Deskside Support Specialist’. Some of these jobs may have classifying terms that do state that they are entry-level. These classifiers are often shown as numerals or tiers. For example, some recent job postings on include ‘Operations Support 1’ or ‘Help Desk Analyst Tier 1’. Taking these classifiers into account will help you know which job is a good fit for you.


Most job postings contain some indication on the experience level they are looking for. These generally range from 1 to 2 years, 3 to 5 years, and all the way up to 5-10 years of experience in a particular field. If you are just beginning your career, you will want to focus your interest on job postings that have 1 to 2 years of experience listed. Even if this is your first information technology job, it can be perfectly acceptable to apply for a job posting that lists a desire for 1 to 2 years of experience. Keep in mind that for most jobs, the experience levels that are posted are set as guidelines and are not hard requirements. They are meant to help employers filter out their field of candidates.


Employers often list a wide range of desired skills, even for entry-level job postings. The reason for this is similar to the experience level; it helps employers to narrow their list of applicants to those who are most qualified. It is important to remember that even though you may not have 100% of the skills that are listed, having many of the skills means you should still apply for the job. Job descriptions are often written by the human resources department in conjunction with the hiring department. During the process of creating the job description, many things are added in order to get the most qualified applicants. If you feel that you have at least 70-90% of the required skills listed in the job description, it should be worth your time to apply for the job. If you secure an interview, make sure to be honest and up front about which of your skills you feel are the strongest and those you feel can use improvement. In many cases, if a company feels that you are a good candidate for hire, they will arrange for training on those skills.



jonathan_photoJonathan Arnold worked for 10 years as an IT professional. His most recent position was with IT Asset Management at the Johnson Controls corporate office in Glendale, Wisconsin. The Asset Management team was responsible for designing and implementing a configuration management database used to track and analyze data, which helped to manage the company’s 100,000 PC and 7,000 printers across 140 countries.
Jonathan has background knowledge in help desk support, deskside support, email administration, end user computing process and design, and IT asset management. Jonathan has a bachelor’s degree in music theory and composition from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, a master’s degree in business administration from the Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and is ITIL v3 foundation certified.

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