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If you are looking for a job getting a technical certification can look good on a resume. Some jobs may require you to have a certifications before they hire you. Your current job might like it if you got certified for new things.  If your current job, or jobs you want to get use a lot of portable and mobile Apple products it is good to get more familiar with their operating system. The operating system for IPads and IPhones is iOS. The certification that Apple offers technicians for iOS is called ACiT, or Apple Certified iOS Technician. There are two exams that you need to take and pass to be ACiT certified. The first test is the Apple Service Fundamentals exam (SVC-18A), and the second test is the  ACiT iOS Service Certification exam (iOS-18A). Both exams are administered through a company called Pearson Vue, and they are each $20.00. The Apple Service Fundamentals exam is required for other certifications too, like the ACMT certification which is Apple Certified Mac Technician so you could have a head start on that by getting ACiT certified.

The first thing you should do is find out what’s on the exams.  

Apple Service Fundamentals has 5 sections, and 70 total items.  A passing score is 80 percent overall (at least 56 out of 70 items to pass).  It contains the following sections and topics:

  • Customer Experience (23 items)
  • ESD Precautions (12 items)
  • Safety (12 items)
  • Product Knowledge (15 items)

ACiT iOS Service Certification has 2 sections, and 70 total items.  A passing score: 80 percent overall (at least 56 out of 70 items to pass). It contains the following sections and topics:

  • Troubleshooting (38 items)
  • Servicing iPhone (32 items)

There is a AppleCare Service Technician Training that can help you get prepared for the exam and it is user friendly, self- paced technician training.  It also gives you access to the ATLAS training materials. ATLAS (Apple Technical Learning Administration System) is AppleCare Service Training website for online training and other learning resources.  It has course materials and practice quizzes. It will have the main book you will study from. It is $299.99. Only people who have bought this can see the stuff on the ATLAS website.

MacMasters Academy also has a practice exam they sell for $20.00 that would cover the first exam, Apple Service fundamentals. But it would not help with the iOS Service Certification exam. For that you want to use the Apple study training.

Quizlet has flash cards that can help you study for the exams that have a free trial, and are a $20 yearly subscription to upgrade.  

Once you have your training materials, you should set up a study plan for yourself. If you know someone who already took this exam you can talk to them, and find out what worked for them. They might also tell you the kinds of things that were on the test they took. You can pick out the practice exams that you want to take.  You can take some time and read all the materials from the Apple Care Service Technician training. It would help to plan out your schedule for good times to study. You should eliminate unnecessary schedule items so you can focus on studying and passing exams.

Now it is time to study for the exam! You want make sure you make time for studying for both exams. You want to make sure you follow your study plan. You want make sure find quiet place to study and eliminate distractions. It is good to make sure you take notes while you study. It is good to review your notes because it can refresh your brain before the exam.

Now it is time take the practice exam!  There are practice exams as part of AppleCare Service Technician Training. You want to make notes of the items that are difficult for you, so you can focus more study time on them.

Now it is time to take the exam! You need to sign up for the AppleCare certification exams at the Pearson Vue website.  You need to sign in with an apple ID and password and allow the website to access your location, enable two factor authentication and it will send you a code to type in. The first thing you should do first is register for the Apple Service Fundamentals exam and pass it. You have to pass it before you can move on.  The second thing you should do is register for the ACiT iOS Service Certification exam and pass it.

You might not pass the exams the first time around. That’s alright!  Make notes of the things you remember being on the exam. You should brush up on any weak areas or unexpected questions and schedule a new exam. You can retake the exam as many times as you need.  You do have to wait 24 hours before you can retake each exam. Each retake is $20.00, so you want to make sure you are ready to pass before you reschedule.

If you use all the materials I mentioned, the AppleCare Technical Service training, The MacMaster sample tests, The quizlet flashcards, and then pay for the Apple Service Fundamentals and the iOS Service Certification exams the total cost will be $379.99. The total time I estimated it would take is 35 days.

A good way to organize your time and how I came up with my timeline is a gantt chart. It also helps with figuring out the steps you need to do. Here is a gantt chart I made with all the steps needed for ACiT certification.

Good luck with your certification exams! If you work hard you can achieve anything in life.