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Adam Zamora

Tutorial on how to Jail-Break an iPhone and also the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Jail-Breaking an iPhone is a lot more difficult then it seems and is a relatively fast process. Below I will show a step by step process showing how to Jail-Break an iPhone with iOS 10.

  • First you need to connect your iPhone with a Thunderbolt cord and have the USB end connected to a Macbook or Mac computer, with iTunes loaded.

  • You then need to download Cydia Impactor which is a GUI tool that works with mobile devices. With this tool you can install IPA files on iOS.

  • Then there is a jailbreak IPA file you need to download off of called Yalu 10.2 Beta 7 .

  • Then with your iPhone still plugged in you need to drag the Yalu IPA file onto Cydia Impactor. A new window appears where you need to login with your icloud ID and also the password.

  • Click Enter after filling out your credentials.

  • It will then begin jail-breaking your device. Once that is complete. You want to unlock your iPhone and look for the program Yalu.10.2

  • Clicking on it will bring up a disclaimer that says “Untrusted Developer”, you want to then double click cancel. Afterwards you want to go to your settings, then scroll down to “General” then scroll down to Profiles & Device Management.

  • Under “Configuration Profile” you click “iOS Beta Software profile” and then double click “Trust”.. This is the IPA file that allows the phone to jail-break.

In conclusion there are probably a few different ways of jail-breaking an iPhone besides this particular way.

There are many advantages of jail-breaking an iPhone one of the main reasons why people choose to jail-break a iPhone is so you have the freedom to change wireless providers, whether it be GSM or CDMA technology. You can also tether or in other words host your own WIFI hot spot with an app called MyWi available through Cydia. Cydia is a framework that allows you too use apps that are unathorized by the App Store and also networking tools and simple mobile phone games for free. Also jail-breaking your phone gives you access to the iOS file system

There are also some cons to jail-breaking your iPhone that are significant, such as under Apple warranty if you jail-break your phone you lose the warranty. As you may know iPhones are the most expensive smartphones on the market. So losing your warranty can be significant because going to the Apple store for a diagnosis of your phone although is free sometimes you need to pay for repair costs to whatever may be wrong with the phone and it may be expensive. Also once you jail-break your phone you are at the will of the people who created the Apps that are on your phone. Apps could potentially collect data on you and possibly personal information. Also you won’t be able to update your iOS without having to go through the whole process of jail-breaking once again.