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How to make sure you are selecting the quality vendor for the replacement parts?

There are a few ways to make sure you are selecting the quality vendor for the replacement parts. First of all when I look for replacement parts to anything I always look online to see the top vendors for the replacement piece I am looking for. For example if I am looking for a replacement screen for my HTC One m7 I will go to google and type in “Best places to get replacement screens”


Or “Where to find a HTC One replacement screen”


And you look through some of the articles and such on google.

Also After I find out which of the vendors look pretty good I will look around on their websites and see how it is laid out. Also I would look up reviews about each one of the vendors (this is the one I look at the most) mostly because it is actual people that have ordered or went there and got products from them.


Another part in finding a good quality vendor for replacement parts is by comparing prices between the vendors. But always keep in mind cheaper is always not better. But you do want to be getting a good deal. Not ripped off.

Also what I look for in a good vendor with quality parts is if they have warranties on their replacement parts. Any good vendor with quality products should have warranties on their product they are selling. Even if it is only a month warranty that is better than no warranty at all.


When selecting a vendor I always check on how long it will take for my shipment to arrive at my house. And if I can wait as long as they say or if I need the part right away. Also with shipment see how much they charge for shipping and handling. Sometimes it is free or sometimes it can be ten dollars.

Another way I look to find a vendor with quality replacement parts for mobile devices or anything with products is to see if they have an official web site. Make sure it is an actual company that sells replacement parts and not some random person out of his home with mediocre parts that might or might not work. Or even worse not even send you out your replacement part and take your money and never hear from them ever again. Make sure there are reviews on that vendor and the web site is not shady.

Also do your research on the replacement parts that you need. If you are ordering from out of the country keep in mind not all 3G or 4G is not the same in ever country. Make sure the MHz frequencies are the same your 3G or 4G phone are the same as the part you are ordering. You do not want to be shipping back parts overseas and having to pay for the shipping again and wasting money. In any company make sure you are getting the exact replacement part that you need.