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As a potential or current employee, negotiating salary and benefits can be quite challenging and stressful but with proper knowledge and idea you will be able to conquer all these problems in no time. Making sure you and your employer are on the right on the track and expectation so that everything should fall in place. There are just several factors and variables that you need to understand and be aware of.

How to do your research on salaries, based on the job title and responsibilities

  • Make sure you do some background research to find out what salary is going for and the type of job that you will be offered.
  • Good resources are,, government census stats, salary reports issued by various tech job search firms, discussion with people who have a similar job, etc.
  • Read Salary surveys and reports.
  • Research on salaries and average raises.
  • Compare current market standards for job title and responsibilities.

Finding salary reports for your position in your area? Which tools are available? How to interpret information in the tools correctly?

There are just various salary reports that can you relay on. It is a matter how you will use it as your reference. Making sure you have the right salary reports for your position and setting your standards appropriately. Here are examples of websites you can utilize salary reports for your job position.

How to negotiate so you do not break relationship?

This is where you need to have the approach and style. Creating a leverage for negotiation for you but still maintaining the business relationship with your company or employer. Both sides need to be on the same page of the process.

How to negotiate benefits? How to learn which benefits are negotiable and which are not?

  • Aware of benefits being offered liked health insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO), sick leave, equity, parental leave, flex time, signing bonus, professional development, etc.
  • Need to know what benefits that are negotiable and which are not.
  • You need to have a better sense of the benefits offered before making a negotiation.

What are the tips and strategies that work in different medias?

The media, tips and strategies might vary from person to person and company to company. My suggestion is to set an appointment with the person in charge and talk with them in person. Sending an out a proper and formal via email is also option as well. Talking over the phone courteously and politely must be observe as well.

Create a script of good salary negotiation conversation that works?

Sample email communication responses of what works?

Describe your personal experiences negotiating the salary?

My overall personal experience negotiating salary is pretty much straight forward. I followed the simple rules liked you need to be direct to the point, honest, courteous and utilize salary reports. Performance assessments and knowing the benefits which ones are negotiable and which are not. Be professional at all times. Don’t lose hope if negotiation didn’t work out the first time. Keep trying until to see results and obtain the compensation and benefits you are actually worth.


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