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The HDI SCA certification benefits help desk professionals and support center analysts so they can provide the best customer service on the job. The certification training focuses on help desk strategies for customer service, highlighting problem solving and trouble shooting skills, call handling procedures, incident management, communication skills, and an introduction to ITIL processes. ITIL processes are five stages that focus on IT services such as service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and continual service improvement. This certification confirms that they understand service management processes and practices, while providing a competitive edge for career progression. This certification would look good on a resume for students who are going into computer desktop support career field.

Task List

Taking a certification exam is not as simple as you would think. There are steps to follow and time spent to study for the exam. Following these tasks will help organize yourself and be ready for the certification exam:

  • Learn about the certification
  • Find out what the exam covers
  • Take classes/Study
  • Take practice tests
  • Schedule an exam

After following these tasks and passing the exam make sure to add your new certification to your resume and online profiles. Adding the certification to your resume and online profiles will improve your chances for a job in your field right away.

Preparing for the exam

Fist thing to do to prepare for the HDI SCA exam is to check what the exam covers. HDI offers training to help you prepare for the exam on their website. The course outline for the exam is split into 8 units:

Unit 1: Evolution of the Support Center

  • Evolution of the Support Center
  • Role of the Support Analyst
  • Support Center’s Role in the Business

Unit 2: Strategic Framework

  • Strategic Perspective
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Business Alignment

Unit 3: Service Delivery Methods and Technology

  • Service Delivery Methods
  • Telephony Systems
  • Service Management Systems

Unit 4: Support Center Processes and Operations

  • Best Practices for IT Service Management
  • ITIL Service Support
  • Security Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Assurance

Unit 5: Call Handling Procedures

  • Total Contact Ownership
  • Procedures for Call Handling

Unit 6: Communication Skills

  • Communication Process
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Vocal Elements
  • Active Listening
  • Incident Documentation
  • Writing Skills

Unit 7: Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills

  • Problem-Solving Skills and Types of Thinking
  • Questioning Skills
  • Solve Incidents with IMPACT
  • Additional Customer Service Skills
  • Root Cause Analysis

Unit 8: Maximizing Effectiveness

  • Your Customer’s Psychological Needs
  • Handling Conflict
  • Handling Difficult Customer Behaviors
  • Stress Management
  • The Power of a Service Attitude
  • Managing Your Use of Time
  • Managing Your Career

There are four training options which include virtual classroom, public classroom, online course, onsite, and HDI Corporate Training Program. Virtual classroom is an online conference taught by official HDI faculty. This training option will teach you only what you need to know with topic specific courses. This training takes 8 hours a day for 2 days and costs $1,499 at regular price. Public classroom is a classroom environment taught by a faculty member for 2 days which costs $1,499 at regular price. The online course offers students to train at their own speed and focus on areas of specific need. You can learn at anytime and courses can be activated as short as 24 hours. This online course gives twelve weeks of access to train and study and costs $749 at regular price. Onsite training involves HDI faculty to come to your organization to eliminate travel costs. HDI corporate training program can certify the in-house instructor at your organization to train the rest of the staff. This is only ideal for companies with up to 50 support staff employees. Out of the 4 training options I think online training is the best way to go since majority of the public classes involve traveling and making accommodations for the time spent there. For someone in Milwaukee trying to get the proper training online courses are perfect and allow the student to train and learn at their own pace. Some practice tests and other practice materials are also available online for free from many websites. If these options from HDI do not interest you taking the ITSUP-140 class for Support Center Analysts at MATC might be for you. This class will prepare you for the certification and will teach you basic desktop computer support material. This 3 credit course costs $446 and is the best option for someone who wants proper instructor led classroom environment. With assignments that focus on desktop support they will improve your understanding of various support center analyst principles and get you ready for the certification exam.

The think HDI website offers many resources for studying and getting ready for the exam. Searching online for HDI SCA certification practice will result in many results for practice tests and exam information. Study guides are always available and ready for any student who is getting ready for the exam. Make sure to manage your time wisely for studying each week. Each student has a different schedule depending on their daily life and managing time wisely will ensure a better result for the certification exam.

Take Exam

The certification exam is taken online through the HDI Learning Center for $145. You do not need to schedule an exam since it is taken online but after the purchase, the exam must be completed within 6 weeks. The exam has 65 multiple choice questions and you get 75 minutes to complete the exam. To pass the exam you must pass with a minimum score of 80%. If you need to retake the exam the cost to retake it is $99. If an exam extension is needed the cost is $50 and that gives you 28 extra days. After the exam is passed HDI will send you a certificate acknowledging your achievement. You will also receive a credentialing logo that can be used for signature blocks and business cards. Passing the exam and receiving the certification will prove your knowledge to business professionals in your field that you are on your way to become a support center analyst expert.