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Do you see a job that you want to apply for? The first thing you can do is put in a job application. A job application is like a resume. It ask for personal information such as name, date of birth, social security number, and address and citizen status. In a job application it will also ask for your education and work history and references. How you can prepared for this is by bring all the information you need along with a resume you have created. Most of the information you will write on your job application will come from your resume. Your information could be a driver’s license or identification card, and social security card.

Once you have send in your job application in for review, the employer may want to find more information about you and will ask you to come in for some test. This can be intimidating but no need to be. The testes you may take could be a personality test, skill test or an aptitude test.

  • Personality Test design to measure your traits for working in certain work situations. This test has no right or wrong answers. This test show how well you can work in a situation where you will be under pressure or how will you work with others under stress. Employers want to be able to see how comfortable you like working in a job environment where you may be working with a new employee with a tight deadline and how well you are able to finish that project. This show how you will fit into their working environment.
  • Aptitude Test is used to measure your critical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail, and ability to learn and use new information. This test allows employers to see your ability to pay attention to details and solve problems. Example of this would be when you come upon a situation where a certain program doesn’t work on a computer due to not having enough memory. To fix this situation you can attack this situation in many ways: one you can delete unwanted application or documents to free up space, use an external drive or maybe install a new hard drive with more memory.
  • Skill test is the measure of skills you learn and what you remember. These skill could be how you will know a certain Microsoft Office program such as Excel or Access. A skill test could also show how fast you can type per minute. This skill test can also test your communication or verbal skill which are use while when communicating with customer or employees.

Ways you can prepare for these test are:

  • Be Calm and Relax – These testes are only for the employers to get know you and how will you can work in there system.
  • Read instruction carefully and thoroughly. You want to be sure not to miss details that can lead you to a wrong answer. For Example Jan is faster than Nora. Lee is slower than Jan. Is Nora Faster than lee?
  • Warm- up- You can warm up but taking test question online. Online test will give you a sense of what you may be asked during any testes the employer may have you go through.