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Are you currently looking for an IT Computer Support Job? Considering the necessary job applications and passing the skills test will certainly make your life much easier. The question is what available job applications are they that you need to know for an IT Computer Support Job? What is the purpose of a Job Application? What skills test needed for IT Computer Support? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself in order for yourself to have an idea in mind on how to prepare to complete both your job application and skills test.

What is the Purpose of a Job Application Form?

Your job application serves as your affirmation that you have applied for certain job opening position. Job application forms often called “employment forms” is being used to gather all given information coming from the job applicant. It is a comprehensive gathering of information that will be verified by the employer and part of the hiring process. Providing accurate information is needed in order not be disqualified or terminated for consideration or hiring. Not all information that you will be providing on your job application will always be matched from your resume. Checking all information and making sure there will be no discrepancies included on your job application.

Personal Information Required for an Employment

  • Name. This is your full legal name.
  • Address, city, state, zip code. The full address of your current residence.
  • Phone number. The phone number where you can reach out. Either a home or mobile number.
  • Email Address. The email address for correspondence.
  • Social Security number. Your personal Social Security number.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States. Authorization and eligibility to work.
  • If under age eighteen, do you have an employment certificate?
  • Have you been convicted of a felony within the last five years?

Education and Experience Needed for a Job Application

  • School(s) attended, degrees, graduation date
  • Certifications
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Grade Point Average (GPA), if above 3.50
  • Extracurricular activities where you held a leadership role
  • Honor societies

Employment History Required

  • Employer
  • Address, phone, email
  • Supervisor
  • Job title and responsibilities
  • Salary
  • Starting and ending dates of employment (month, day, and year)
  • Reason for leaving
  • Permission to contact the previous employer


  • Name
  • Job title
  • Company
  • Address, phone, email

Types of Job Application

There are couple of ways how a job application can be completed. The traditional way of a job application is submitting your resume along with your cover letter to the company. The company or employer will be reviewing both of your resume and cover letter for consideration. The easiest and convenient of job application is by online or digital application. Completed at a company’s website or at a hiring kiosk in a store or business.

  • Online Job Applications
  • In-Person Job Applications
  • Email Job Applications
  • Paper Job Applications

Sample Job Application and Application for Employment

List of Sample of Questions and Answers

Difference between Technical skills and Personality tests for Employment

Technical skills are the hands-on skills that employers are looking for in order for you perform and undertake the job. On the other side, personality test is a method if assessing human personality constructs. There are also called Aptitude test that measures your critical thinking, problem solving and attention to details. The Skill test is a technical assessment of your hands-on skills. Communication and interpersonal skills are also important.

Tips to better pass skills tests for applying IT Computer Support Specialist position

  • Prepare and practice test questions. This is best way to better pass the skills tests. Practice makes perfect.
  • Explore and be resourceful. In order to be a successful IT Computer Support, you need to recreative and adaptive.
  • Get certified. Certifications are also vital for applying IT jobs.
  • Go to trainings and seminars. These are just added knowledge that you will be ale to acquire.

Personal experience completing job application and passing tests

As long as you follow and be diligent with your job application, I don’t see any challenges that will be a problem. Getting all the proper and complete information for the job application is self-explanatory.  I always practice and prepare for difference types of tests. It is important to get comfortable and familiar with the different types of tests. Repetition is always the best way to get acquainted with technology.

Formatting tips for Cover Letter and sections considering including into the Cover Letter

Your Cover Letter is the document sent with your resume. This entails and provides additional information of your skills and experience.

  • Letter Length
  • Pick a Simple Font
  • Set your Margins
  • Leave Plenty of White Space
  • Carefully Proofread the Letter