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Here are useful security features for your mobile device. Use whichever feature your device offers that provide the best security for your needs:

1.  Password, pass code, or Pin: If you set a password, pass code, or Pin to access your device is simple and effective. Try using a code that is four digits or longer so that you can keep it a secret, like you do for any of your other passwords.

2. Unlock pattern:  Many mobile devices let you set unlock patterns that function like passwords in a way. Use a pattern that is complex and keep it a secret to protect it from observers. Also be careful of smudges on the front of your device may reveal your pattern to unauthorized users.

3. Device lockout: Most mobile devices provide a lockout option that locks the device if someone makes several unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, Pin, or pattern. If you set the lockout setting to a limit of 10 attempts is usually enough.