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Adam Zamora

How to recover user files from as part of laptop, Ultrabook and moble device repair.

Being able to recover files from a laptop, Ultrabook and other mobile devices is pretty essential in for anyone that is in the Information technology world. Sometimes critical failures happen in technology that are out of our control and being able to recover important files from the technology that failed is extremely important.

Being able to recover files from a laptop or Ultrabook is useful knowledge, laptops and Ultrabooks are more prone to accidents then a personal computer or Mac computer.

  • The first step is too flip the laptop over on it’s bottom.

  • 2nd you want too look for a sticker on the back with the picture of RAM and a Hard drive, that is separate from the rest of the bottom of the laptop.

  • 3rd you want to unscrew all the screws in that area and remove the cover, there your RAM and hard drive should be resting in your laptop.

  • 4th You have to remove the screws that are holding the hard drive in. Make sure these screws that you removed from the laptop are put in a safe location. You will need them later.

  • 5th You should slide it out and remove it from the laptop.

  • 6th You will need another computer and also a 15pin sata to 4pin molex cable.

  • 7th You need to remove the side case of the personal computer by unscrewing all the screws. Afterwards put them in a safe spot, they are important.

  • 8th You need to plug the sata end into the hard drive that you took out of the laptop and the 4pin molex cable needs to go connect to the motherboard of the personal computer.

  • 9th After step 8 you want to login on your pc and go to the windows explorer folder and then there should be your new Hard drive located under the Computer Icon.

  • 10th You want to double click on the new hard drive on your personal computer. Once you double click all the data that was just once on your laptop if recoverable and able to be put on a external hard drive or saved to the hard drive of the personal computer.

In today’s advancing technology age smartphones have started taking over the market. It seems everyone has a smartphone these days and is more likely to have a smartphone then a personal computer or laptop. With that being said being able to recover files such as pictures, contacts and also videos off of smartphones that had a critical malfunction is a useful skill. Apple tablets are the most popular tablets in the mobile market but they use an icloud so in most cases if you broke your Apple mobile device, you can just login into your credentials and find your information so below I will instruct you how to recover data files from a android based phone that is broken.

  • 1st You need a PC and also a Micro USB to USB cord.

  • 2nd You want to plug the Micro USB end into your phone and the USB.

  • 3rd If you hold the home key, the volume up and the power button until you hear a vibration. Then you let go of all three. This will make your android phone go into recovery mode. Where the USB and Micro USB will be able to exchange data.

  • 4th Now you logon onto your pc and go to the windows explorer and double click it. A windows opens up showing that hard drive as well as the other one’s already on the computer.

  • 5th You want too double click on the hard drive of your phone. A folder pops up that shows storage, if you double click this all your phone’s information, including videos, pictures and texts will be there. After this it is your decision where to save the files from your phone once you have recovered it.