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Apple-in-dust-bin-android         There are tons of reasons why knowing how to repair mobile devices makes you a better technician. For starters, even if you are not an expert in the mobile repair field, you can still learn how to become an experienced repair technician. On your free-time you can just have fun and take devices apart and put them back together as if you were trying to actually repair the device. Using tutorials is a great way to know if you are on the right track to repairing the devices. Once you think you mastered a couple devices, you could ask family or friends if they need help or any repairs done to their devices. You can also work in a repair shop that specializes in mobile device repair. Some jobs are thankful that they have an in-house technician that can repair mobile devices. This saves a company hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on how many devices need repairs. If you have any experience in computer building/repair, mobile repair is almost like a walk in the park. You make have to purchase a special toolkit with special tools such as Torx driver, a suction cup, and many other special tools.

Once you feel comfortable about repairing devices, you should think about if there are any certifications that can help you get a great job. Some certificates that I can think of are CompTIA A+ and Mobility+. The A+ certificate will teach you about the hardware such as the motherboard, RAM, CPU, Video card, and etc. Also you will learn about software such as the Operating System(OS). Just like a computer system has so does mobile repair devices. As for Mobility+, this will teach you how to manage the settings inside that mobile device, whether it’s an iOS(Apple), Android, or Windows device. It also covers some security for keep important documents safe and away from prying eyes.

Lastly, you can also use your mobile repair skills to teach others how to repair their own devices or teach a class. Educating Users on how to utilize the device to its fullest potential is a great way to have someone understand how to use their device with confidence. The more confidence you have the more you feel at peace with your device. Not just Users, also educate yourself for the newest technologies. When there is a new update for your device’s operating system, make sure you have a testing device to test the update on to see if it affects your current configuration. Some updates are good for the device and gives you an optimized update. I recommend reading the Patch Release report about the update first before you execute the update(s).


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