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Austin Cronin




How to setup and configure secure wireless network at home or in the office

– Why do you benefit from the secure wireless network

Having a secure network is a must. It is a must to have a secure network because if it is an open network people can just go on to your Wi-Fi and that will slow down your internet connect. And to me have a slow internet connect is very annoying. Who wants to have a  slow connection. Also if you have an open wireless network it will easy for somebody to get into that connection and can set up there own password and kick you off your own wireless network. Also if somebody can get into your wireless connection and if they are a hacker that is one step closer to getting into your computer or  anything connected to it. A hacker can literally do anything throw viruses on your device, steal your information, corrupt your  device, or all of these things.

– What do you need to setup secure network

First of all to have any kind of wireless network you will need some kind of router. To secure this you will need to set up your router. Make sure you have the router setup up correctly with the correct wires going to the right places. To setup your router first setup your SSID and I make sure to hide my SSID so nobody can scan for wireless networks and see mine there even if it does have security on it. It is just some extra security. Next to secure your wireless network is to put a password on your network and make sure you have at least one lower case letter, a upper case letter, and a special character. and make sure it is AT LEAST 8 characters long. And make sure your network is secure with some kind of encryption as in some type of WPA or WEP.

– Which protocols provide secure wireless communications

A few protocols to help secure a network

1. WPA

2. WEP

3. MAC ID Filtering

4. Static IP Addressing not DHCP

5. Restricted access network

– Where can you learn more about wireless setup and configuration (which matc courses cover this information)

The Classes that I learned the most about Wireless setup and secure configuration would have to be Net+ The networking class, Cisco, and Security+