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Adam Zamora

How to share files using Dropbox

Having a Dropbox is pretty useful these days in the IT work place or even out of the work place. Being able to share files such as pictures,videos and even work memos with friends or work colleagues quickly and easily with Dropbox is very useful and a time saver for everyone involved. Below I will show you how to share files with friends and colleagues alike in a step by step process.

  • 1st You need to have a Dropbox account. To do this you need to go to and create an account.

  • 2nd Once you are on the home page of Dropbox on your browser. “ . You have to upload the files to Dropbox.

  • 3rd you find the Upload button and double click it.

  • 4th A window should pop up that says “Upload to Dropbox” with the options of “choose files” or “cancel”. You want to double click “choose files”

  • 5th A windows pops up showing everything on your computer. You want to scroll to whatever file you were trying to share with a friend. You can also add more than one file, if you double click add more files it allows you too do so. But Dropbox does have a limit on space unless you are willing to pay money to have more space, your space will be limited.

  • 6th Once the file is finished loading, which should take five to ten seconds. There should be a share option to the right of the name of the file you uploaded. Double click the share option.

  • 7th Once the share option is double clicked a new windows pops up that says “Share link to “Your file”. Below this it says “Link to file” and below that is the url to the file you uploaded. You want to copy this link and send it to whomever whether it be a co-worker or a good friend. Or you can share the link by looking below where it says “Send this link to” and then typing out the person you want to send the file too. Also you can send them a message along with but that is optional. And then double clicking to where it sends.

You can also share a file folder with a friend, which can be useful if you are collaborating with colleagues or have many videos or pictures that you’d like to share. They also need to have Dropbox though and an account to make this possible.

  • The first step in doing this is by going to in your web browser and then finding the folder you’d like to share. Then you slide your cursor over to the three dots to the right of your file name and a share button appears.

  • In the second step you double click the share button. A new window pops up that says the name of your file at the top and gives you the option of who to send your file folder too. It also gives you the option of creating a link to share your folder.

Although sharing a file and sharing a folder is relatively easy with Dropbox it is somewhat unknown and no where near as difficult to use as people would think. A Dropbox is always useful for anyone and everyone.