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Dropbox is a safe and secure way to share documents, pictures, and video files. Since they are stored in the cloud, your hard drive won’t be bogged down. You are protected with up to 120 days of version history and deletion recovery. You can invite specific people to share your files, and designate what types of permissions other users have to your files. All changes automatically update, and can be accessed from all devices, provided you have the app downloaded and set up to sync. Each user must enter a six digit security code to log in, or you can authorize a one-time sign in, using active directory.

If you or your company are sharing files with someone who is no longer part of your organization, with administrator privileges, you can suspend or delete a user’s account as needed. Also, you can implement an expiration date if the person/persons only need access for a specific amount of time, so they’re log ins will no longer be effective. There is also a Dropbox badge that will appear if one of the files is being updated/changed/edited by another member, which will prevent confusion or duplication on projects.

As an added layer of protection, Dropbox offers remote wipe, in the case that someone’s device is stolen or lost, which will prevent access to documents.

Setting up an account is quick and easy when using the Basic/Standard version. I have had this for a few years now, and although the layout has changed from time to time, the ease of navigation has never stumped me. The main menu is fairly simple. You would click on ‘Files’ at the left-hand side to show what you have uploaded to your account. I also like that there’s a ‘Recent’ area right on the main page, front and center, in case you need to go back to something previously reviewed.

From the main page, you can also easily begin uploading files or a whole folder from your computer.

If you’re not going to be sharing large files or with a bunch of people, you can opt, even in the personal/standard membership, for this.

Remember that you can share files with specific people or groups, but you can also designate whether they have the option to ‘view only’ or have ‘edit’ privileges.