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Today I will be discussing ways you can diagnose your Android phone or your iPhone with battery issues and how to resolve them.

The first phone battery we will discuss is the android phone and the battery issues you may encounter and ways you can resolve them, and these ways will work best for Android 9 and up models. The first step is to change the settings to your phone. The reason why is that there may be apps that are working that are draining the battery life of the phone so by changing the settings you are now able to shut down that app that may be draining more battery that you may want to drain. The second step is to check all your apps and make sure there are not running when you don’t want them to because they can drain your battery life. Also, you may uninstall apps that you may not have known you have downloaded and there the reason why your battery’s life is draining so fast. Another note to consider when trying to remove certain apps the ones that are programmed in the phone and you won’t be able to remove them, but you may disable them from draining your battery’s life.

From those steps, if this doesn’t help with your battery life draining issues then try these steps. The first thing you can do is restart your phone and see if that helps with the battery draining issues. If that doesn’t work, check for updates for Android. It could be draining because the software is out of date and causing the phone to work harder and this may be the cause of the battery draining. If this doesn’t work, then you should check all your apps and make sure they’re all up to date with the most current software. If all falls with these options to your android phone you should reset your phone to the factory settings and last if this doesn’t work, you should contact your device manufacturer.

The second phone battery I will be discussing today is the iPhone and the issues you may encounter with your battery and the life of your phone and I will give you a few things to correct or save your battery’s life for your iPhone. The first thing I will have you do is go to your settings on your iPhone you can do this by taping your home screen button and then tap the general icon and then locate the battery icon and inspect the apps that are running and make a decision to what is the highest app that is using the most battery usage when you are not using that app and if possible shut it down to save the battery life. Another method you may use to save your battery life with the iPhone is going into your settings and locating the auto brightness future and disabling it and this should help with your battery issues.

In conclusion to these helpful tips on troubleshooting issues that may occur with your battery from the Android to the iPhone, these tips should help you out tremendously if not, please call your phone service provider to further assist you with what the issue may be.