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How to use Event Viewer in Windows 10


Even Viewer in Windows 10 is a log showing what applications are currently running on your computer. It shows you system messages, errors, information messages and warnings. It’s a convenient tool the helps you troubleshoot problems your computer may be experiencing. To access and use Event Viewer, follow these steps:

  1. In the search bar, type in Event Viewer. The Event Viewer icon will appear. Click on it to access Event Viewer.

  1. When the Event Viewer window come up, click on Windows Logs on the left pane to see the different categories.


  1. In the Application log, you will see events related to Windows system components. Drivers and built-in interface elements are some components you will see.

  1. In the middle pane, you will see the list of components. If there are warning and error icons in front of the component, click on it and the box below, it will tell you what the problem is.

  1. You can double-click the error to open the property window to see more information. There, you can get the Event ID and look it up online to help locate specific errors your computer is having.

There are many more features you can use Event Viewer for. It is great to use to find errors in your computer and help you resolve the issue.