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Adam Zamora

How to do validate that your router is not compromised

In this day and age routers are everywhere whether it be at a household, small business or large business. People depend on routers heavily for their everyday routines whether it be a student using it to help with their homework or a businessman checking out stock prices online. Routers are constantly on all day and night usually and go unnoticed throughout a person’s day for the most part. The problem with a router being on constantly is that sometimes problems can arise that disrupts the router and thus makes the WIFI no longer function. When this happens many people that are on the WIFI network have their lives disrupted in a sense. A router and the WIFI it provides is extremely important for anyone from all walks of life. Although sometimes the security aspect of a router can be overlooked when it comes too routers. So much data goes through every household’s router whether it be the internet tv your dad uses to watch sports and the news, the tablet your daughter uses for art college or a guest on their smartphone ordering pizza for the whole family. With all the online activity of everyone on your router’s network it’s important to make sure it is not compromised.

One of the more prevalent ways to compromise a router’s network is DNS hijacking. This can occur when malware effects any of the devices on the network and allows a hijacker to change the DNS settings on your router and redirects towards a rogue DNS server they created. Your traffic is then directed to their servers instead of the servers of your ISP or internet service provider. That significantly more safer. Once they do this they can redirect you to scam websites or websites where someone needs to put their personal information in such as a PayPal account, online banking account or even amazon account. This can lead to even more malware if it goes un-noticed and also makes you more likely to have more and more of your personal information stolen. Although there are a few ways to validate a router’s integrity the easiest and quickest would have to be F-Secure Route checker.

F-Secure Route Checker is rather simple and easy to use and you don’t have to sit and wait while something downloads or make an account and waste your time. First you open your web browser and go to their website . On the opening page there is an option in blue with white writing that says “Check your router”. You want to double click on this. A second later it shows “Please wait while we are checking your router” after this it tells you if you have any issues. It also shows information about your router such as the DNS IP, your ISP and what country your router is from. From going over your DNS settings you can also tell if you have been perhaps hijacked. So looking over those details is vital for a secure network.