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Installing Windows on a Virtual Machine

Running a Virtual Machine with VMware is a very fun and helpful thing to have on your computer. You can run multiple platforms if you choose, have great flexibility on how you would like to set up the virtual machine, and is a great tool for IT students to practice with.
The first thing you will have to do with your new virtual machine is install an operating system (as you would with any new pc).
In this example, we will install Microsoft Windows. If you notice below, I checked off Microsoft Windows as the operating system as I was setting up my virtual machine.

Below is how the Virtual Machine looks before it is powered up.

For this example, I am downloading a trial version of Microsoft Windows that I am not going to activate, but it will work for this purpose. I downloaded it from the Microsoft site, using a flash drive (at least 8 GB). I used an old 8 GB flash drive for my install. For a small flash drive combined with my slow laptop, the download can take a very long time. Something else to note… This process will erase everything on your thumb drive, so make sure you move your data off of the thumb drive beforehand.

Booting up from the thumb drive, Windows will take over, and the process will look like any other Windows install.

Again, I am not going to register this install of Windows, so I clicked on the “I don’t have a product key” box.

This is where it asks to be put somewhere. Your VM may look different, but this is where I installed mine.

After a few more basic questions, and a reboot or two, your finished product should look like this. If something went wrong, that is the beauty of VMware- Your actual computer is fine, just start over.