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When it comes to keeping things simple and secure, Apple has no doubt perfected those aspects in all of their products. From their smartphones to their desktops, Apple has made their brand a standard in many offices across the globe in competition with Microsoft. Starting this month, we will be working to deploy iPhone XS Maxes to everyone who will be carrying them in the company. These devices are strictly to be used for business purposes only. As we work to get everyone a device, we will be holding meetings to discuss how to use and utilize your device so that you can maximize your job performance. At the end of this explanation, you will be able to view a chart with a rough schedule of how things will play out.

Cost Overview

iPhone XS Max is no cheap device by any means. However, we want to give everyone the full benefits that Apple has to offer with their latest device. We also went with the Max instead of the regular XS because we want everyone to experience a larger screen. This will be especially helpful for those who are unable to see very well on a smaller device. Considering there are fifty-seven people who will each be getting an iPhone, all costs will be written collectively. For example, the cost of the phone itself will be written for the price as a whole, not the price for just one device.

  1. iPhone XS Max – $71,193 – $1249 for each employee.
    • Larger display.
    • 256GB
    • There will Space Gray / Black / Rose Gold options for the employees.
    • Unlocked, a carrier will be listed below.
  2. Carrier – $2,565 – $45/line.
    • Spectrum Mobile since the company already utilizes Spectrum Business Network & Phone.
    • Unlimited LTE Data for on-the-go work.
    • Reliable service and offers support for their services almost 24/7 should something go wrong.
    • Per month billing.
  3. Applications
    • Office 365 – $570 Per month
      • Mostly the same as it is on the desktops but it is now accessible on our mobile devices when we need to work on things on the go.
    • Slack – $380.19 Per month
      • Slack is an instant messaging service tailor-made to help business teams work together.
    • Skype – Free
      • Same as it is on the desktop. Skype is used for video calling when employees cannot be physically present. It is also great for when people are on vacation but may still need to be present for an important meeting.
    • RescueTime – $4,104 Per Year
      • Helps users keep themselves focused. This is especially helpful with mobile devices because people are easily tempted to browse the web or go on apps that will only hinder their focus. It allows you to disallow certain aspects of the device when you need to focus and keep up with work.
    • BoxMeUp – Free
      • Mostly used for the employees who work with packages. This helps to keep track of physical mail or anything that comes in or out of the office.
    • Evernote – $854.43 Per Month
      • A rather popular app that allows you to keep lists, tasks, and notes all in one place. Although it can be utilized for free, the Business edition of the software allows multiple devices to be connected together so that everyone can share their lists and notes all in one organized area.
    • Trello – Free
      • With Trello it will allow people to keep track of things that are being worked on, things that need to get done and things that have been finished. The app allows you to inform users of what you are currently doing and working on.
    • Expensify – Free
      • Allows users to keep track of their business expenses. This is especially helpful because you are able to take photos of receipts and keep track of everything all in one place. Many times its hard to keep track of these things so having it all uniformly organized will help not only the employees but the company as a whole.
    • Dropbox –  $1,140 Per Month
      • A perfect place to compile documents in the cloud for sharing and saving.
    • Square – Free
      • For the financial side of the business. Square is an application that helps with sales and allows you to keep track of things as well as give receipts and handle transactions.
    • Gusto – $381 Per Month
      • An application that helps you keep track of payroll, benefits, and anything else in relation to those two things.

Changes To Be Made

Because it would be nearly impossible to give each and every one of our employees a setup device all at once, we will be doing thing gradually. Before we receive the devices we will be setting up things such as Apple IDs, Wi-Fi & Networking, Outlook Mail / Calenders, Server, MDM Solutions and finally deployment. During deployment, we will be giving out the devices in groups of four over the course of four days. This is because of our four different branches. We will have a team working with our employees in each branch to get them situated with this change of pace. This way we are able to easily migrate everyone to their new devices as well as help them get used to the changes if they have never used an Apple device before. Even with the new devices though, we will still have a use for our old equipment. Laptops, as well as Desktops, will still be in use when an employee is not in need of the iPhone alone or on a business trip. Because of this, we will continue using familiar programs such as Office and Skype. While we are helping each group configure and understand their device, we will also explain how to use our current printers with the mobile devices. Thankfully all of our printers in the office are already able to receive documents wirelessly. Because of this, it makes the transition to the iPhones even smoother because they will connect through our Printer's app that will be downloaded prior to receiving the device.

Different OS – Same Idea

Although we are changing to a brand new device we will be keeping many things the same and the overall productivity of the company should not be hindered. By the end of the month, everyone should be feeling comfortable with their new devices as well as the new software they will be using in order to boost our productivity and allow us to continue improving as a company. Will will continue working with Microsoft without a doubt, but adding a few things in to boost productivity is what our goal is at the end of the day.