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  1. Why do you think Pathways are organized in such way?

The pathways are organized in such a way because they are dedicated to a specific area of expertise. Also you can advance your skills further by re-educating yourself or learning more.

  1. As a student would you be interested in joining Associate Degree Program or completing one of the certificates? Why?

It’s really up to the student. If you have some knowledge of a course and a very well experienced in that particular subject, then you might want to go for the certificate. But if you would like to go through and learn everything related to your field of study then the Associate Degree program is where you would want to go.

  1. Which industry certifications, IT Support Program prepares you for, are the most interesting to you. Why?

CompTIA A+ and Network+ are my two favorites because in Network+ you learn a great overview of network standards, connectivity devices, and other fascinating technologies. As for A+, which I believe everyone should start with, teaches you about internal components like the Motherboard (MOBO), Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), and the Video Card. Also teaches you about how to make a great installation of Windows that corresponds with your hardware inside your system.

  1. Which industry certification, related to IT Support, you would consider adding into IT Support program?

LINUX overview and another security class

5.  Review recent articles at section. Which articles were the most interesting for you? Why?

A+ prep article was very interesting. It gives you a view point on what you need to know for the exam and how to prepare yourself. Another good article is the New Features of Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System Quick Guide. In this article you learn about the new Graphical User Interface (GUI), the new Start Menu, and the new Microsoft Edge which replaced the Internet Explorer browser.

6.  Review the benefits of IT  Computer Support program. What are the most appealing benefits for you?

The best benefit I feel I’m getting from the IT Support Program is the knowledge and skill to take me where ever I want to go because there are lots of jobs in the Information Technology field and once you find that one job that you are good at, go try something newer.