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ITSUP-153 Mobility+ Device Administration (IOS, Android, Windows)

This course will teach students about mobile device management for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices. It will cover using each platform, how it can be supported in the enterprise, BYOD challenges and solutions, and integration of the mobile device platforms into an existing IT administration/support strategy.


ITSUP-198 Computer Support Specialist Internship

This integrated project course is a capstone project that reflects the student's culminating experience in the IT Computer Support Specialist program. In this course, students integrate their knowledge and skills in IT by working on the final project, demonstrating core ability skills and displaying overall comprehension of the discipline.


ITSUP-199 Integration Project – Computer Support

This internship course directs students to obtain an IT internship at local area employers. Based on the jobs available, students will perform required IT computer support activities: configure and install new software, troubleshoot and solve issues with hardware, OS and applications, networks and virtual setups and configurations.

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