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ITSUP-153 Mobile Device Administration (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile) Course at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)


Note: As of December 2017, CompTIA officially retired the Mobility+ certification. This course is currently being redeveloped to account for this change. The course will be adding content on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and procedures utilized in the enterprise, as well as more hands-on labs featuring Miradore Online, a free cloud-based mobile device management tool. Also being added to the curriculum is a more broad focus on security, ethics, content filtering, and policies and procedures for dealing with lost and stolen devices.

ITSUP-153 Mobility Plus Admin (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile) training course at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) prepares students for mobile device management, troubleshooting, security, and network infrastructure management. It identifies IT professionals who can deploy, integrate, support and manage a mobile environment while ensuring proper security measures are maintained for devices and platforms to mitigate risks and threats.

With wide spread of technology more and more people are using tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices to accomplish things in their personal and professional lives. As businesses in Milwaukee metropolitan area embrace this trend, they need to support their employees in the use of mobile devices while protecting their own assets, such as intellectual property. If you are already a traditional network support technician, you’re well on the way to having the knowledge and skills needed to support the mobile workforce. This course builds on your existing knowledge and experience to provide you with critical concepts related to over-the-air technologies, wireless networking, and mobile devices.


CompTIA Mobility+ Certification Course Objectives

  • Configure over-the-air technologies.
  • Apply RF principles.
  • Implement a wireless network infrastructure.
  • Implement network infrastructure devices and services.
  • Implement mobile solutions.
  • Prepare the enterprise for a mobile network.
  • Deploy mobile devices.
  • Implement mobile device operations.
  • Maintain mobile device operations.
  • Deploy mobile applications and related technologies.
  • Implement mobile app protocols and services.
  • Implement mobile security.
  • Mitigate mobile network risk.
  • Implement incident response.
  • Troubleshoot mobile devices and networks.


ITSUP-153 COMPTIA Mobility+ Plus Device Administration (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile)Certification Training Course Outline

1: Configuring Over-the-Air Technologies

  • Mobile Networking Introduction
  • Evaluate and Select Cellular Technologies
  • Implement WiFi Technologies

2: Applying RF Principles

  • Apply Radio Frequency Concepts
  • Conduct a Site Survey and Analysis

3: Implementing a Wireless Network Infrastructure

  • Choose a Network Topology
  • Describe the OSI Model
  • Implement Network Ports and Protocols

4: Implementing Network Infrastructure Devices and Services

  • Implement a Firewall
  • Implement Connectivity Devices and Services
  • Traverse Wireless and Wired Networks
  • Implement Wireless IP Traffic
  • Configure Core Wireless Network TCP/IP Services
  • Implement Disaster Recovery

5: Implementing Mobile Solutions

  • Create a Mobile Device Policy
  • Align Mobile Device Management to Enterprise Requirements
  • Align Mobile Service Solutions to Enterprise Requirements
  • Align Mobile Infrastructure Management to Enterprise Requirements

6: Preparing the Enterprise for a Mobile Network

  • Implement the SDLC
  • Prepare the Infrastructure

7: Deploying Mobile Devices

  • Cellular Device Activation and Deployment
  • Configure Mobile Device Peripherals
  • Complete the Onboarding and Provision Process
  • Complete the Off-boarding and De-provisioning Process

 8: Implementing Mobile Device Operations

  • Distribute Centralized Content
  • Implement Deployment Best Practices
  • Configure Remote Capabilities

9: Maintaining Mobile Device Operations

  • Manage Lifecycle Operations
  • Backup, Recover, and Segregate Data
  • Stay Current With New Technologies

10: Deploying Mobile Applications and Related Technologies

  • Choose Mobile App Types
  • Determine In-house Application Development Requirements
  • Implement Push Notification

11: Implementing Mobile App Protocols and Services

  • Configure Mobile Applications
  • Implement Proxy and Gateway Settings
  • Implement Information Traffic Topology

12: Implementing Mobile Security

  • Implement Encryption Methods
  • Implement Access Control
  • Implement PKI
  • Implement Security Monitoring

13: Mitigating Mobile Network Risk

  • Identify Risks and Threats
  • Implement Mitigation Techniques

14: Implementing Incident Response

Identify an Incident
Create and Execute a Policy-based Response
Report an Incident

15: Troubleshooting Mobile Devices and Networks

  • Implement Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Troubleshoot Device Problems
  • Troubleshoot Application Problems
  • Troubleshoot Over-the-Air Connectivity Problems
  • Troubleshoot Security Problems
  • Review



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  • ITSUP-150 Mobile Device Repair
  • ITSUP-152 Apple OSX Certified Support Professional (ACSP)
  • IT-107 Social Networking and Communication
  • ITSUP-153 Mobility Plus Admin (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile)
  • ITSUP-176 IT Project Management
  • ITNET-110 Windows 7 Administration (MCTS Exam 70-680)
  • ITSUP-198 Computer Support Internship
  • ITSUP-199 Computer Support Specialist Final Project




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