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Austin Cronin

How to troubleshoot battery life issues on mobile devices

First thing to do while troubleshooting an issue is to make a list of the symptoms of what is going on. For example battery does not charge, battery charging slowly, or that the battery does not show that it being charged. Also I would note if it has been dropped a lot or have any water damage. Just try to get as much information about the phone on how it is working.


While troubleshooting a phone battery there are a few different ways to check. First way I check the phones battery issue is by checking the power of the battery itself. You can go on about doing by checking the voltage and the amperage of the phones battery. To go around to getting this done you will need the right tools. Before you start checking your voltage you should take about your battery and check how many volts it should be. Another thing you need to remember is not always be using your tools correctly, always right the instructions first and even if that does not help you out as much as you like you can mostly all of the time find an article or video taking you step by step. Same thing goes with checking the amperage.

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Also a less technical way and a lot longer technic to check your battery is by looking at the specification of your phone and see how many hours of video your phone can do before turning off. After that charge your phone all the way up to 100% than just play videos, for example through on YouTube and have it just play through videos. And once your phone hits 0% see if the times pretty much match up if not your mobile devices battery might be going bad.

Another point I would like to throw in here is to swap out parts. In that sense saying swapping out the battery to check that it really is your phone. And if not it might be the metal pins or connectors on your phone. Or even if the battery and bubbled up as in it looks like it is about to explode. Also you should check out your charger. Maybe it is not even your battery that is making this problem come up. You can always try to use someone else’s charger or swap out the charger and see if it make a difference. Will we are on the subject of the charger, check the charging port and make sure that it is not broke and that nothing is bent.

Also an easy way to troubleshoot a phones battery is by just going into the setting and seeing what has been using up all your batteries life. You can always turn off applications that you don’t use or have not as many applications running in the background. Also with you are in your setting you can turn on power saving mode that will increase your battery life. And in addition to that you can always turn down your phones screen brightness or even put it on auto. And with all of these settings I am of course taking in consideration that you might have a smart phone or not a very old phone.