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Your resume really speaks for yourself in so many ways necessary. But you would you asked yourself, what does it takes to write the resume that stands out to the companies that you are applying for? Your resume needs to be professional and needs to generate interest to any given hiring manager. Your resume needs to be consistent, concise, clear and easy to read. These are just the key points to have an impressive resume and this is the key to success in writing and composing a resume.

Tips for Creating a Professional Resume

  • Select the Best Resume Type. Choosing the right resume type that suits your needs and situation is well the worth the effort.
  • Make It Legible. This is self-explanatory. You want the hiring manager to easily read your resume concisely and clear.
  • Be Consistent. Consistency is always the key in creating a successful resume.
  • Keep it Focused. Stay and keep on track of the information that putting on your resume. Losing track will leave you out with nothing.
  • Use Resume Examples and Templates. You can use resume templates as starting of your resume but don’t totally relay on it. Your skills and abilities should always reflect.
  • Get Creative. Creative resume is always a good way of elaborating your skills and abilities to any company. It gives you that edge and advantage if you are creative and unique.
  • Carefully Edit your Resume. Checking grammar, spelling, sentence construction are just the important you need to consider in creating resume. Proof read, check the proper correct spelling and fixing typographical errors.
  • Get Resume Help. Making a resume might be hard and strenuous so asking for help to make sure you resume is well polished.
  • Check your resume. Make sure you have all your relevant information included from top to bottom to lead success in resume reviews.

Things to consider on a cover letter for IT Computer Support Job

A Cover Letter is the covering letter of introduction attached or accompanying another document that comes with a resume or curriculum vitae. This is a detailed information about the job applicant explaining in seeking for employment and desired job position applying for. Showing and expressing interest and letting the company know that you are worthy job candidate.

What to include on a cover letter?

  • Technical skills. The technical skills are your hands-on skills that will propel to get the job. Usually these are your knowledge to perform specific skills.                                                                                          
  • Customer service training and customer facing skills. Customer interaction and engagement.
  • Patience and perseverance. Patience and perseverance are always a virtue.
  • Tact and diplomacy. Effective communicator and negotiation skills.
  • Effective communication. Effective communication skills are important.
  • Telephone etiquette. How to handle people over the phone.
  • Problem solving orientation. Troubleshooter and handling issues.
  • Teamwork. Working with other people and making it work.
  • Time management. Punctuality and being on time are essential.
  • Attention to details. Knowing the facts and details are key core responsibility.

Formatting tips for a cover letter

  • First Paragraph. Why are you writing. The purpose of your cover letter.
  • Middle Paragraph. What you have to offer. Your qualifications and skills.
  • Concluding Paragraph. How you’ll follow up. Follow and Feedback.

Formatting tips for a cover letter

  • Letter Length. The cover letter should be three to four paragraphs the most. It should fit on a single page.
  • Pick a Simple Font. Readability with ease and without any fancy formatting.
  • Set your Margins. Standard margins for business letters are 1”.
  • Leave Plenty of White Space. Don’t leave space below your greeting for each paragraph.
  • Carefully Proofread the Letter. Proof read and take time to check your cover letter.
  • Review a Formatted Cover Letter. Cover letter examples are also helpful to be guide.

IT Computer Support Resume and Cover Letter example